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Perineural Injection Therapy for Acute and Chronic Neurogenic Pain

Have you been experiencing acute or chronic pain?  Have you tried multiple treatments and not found lasting relief?  Are you considering surgery as your last option?  The following article will introduce you to a safe and effective treatment for recent and longstanding pain called perineural injection therapy (PIT). In order to understand how PIT works, […]

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Benefits of Maintenance Care

There are so many things happening at once in your body that you’re just not aware of. Your heart is beating and pumping blood, your lungs are filling up with air, and your muscles are working to keep you standing upright. You’re not consciously aware of any of these things that are happening. It is […]

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How To Walk

The American Chiropractic Association is all about using your body and getting it moving! Here are some of their tips on walking! Walk it out: According to the ACA walking for just 12 minutes a day can help in maintaining overall health. In order to get the maximum benefits from this simple yet effective exercise […]

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Functional Movements

What is a functional movement? There are seven functional movements that your body utilizes throughout the day. At work, at home – these seven movements are constantly being used so it is so important to perform them correctly and efficiently.  This will reduce stress on your body and help prevent injury. All other movements are […]

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Driving Too Much?

Driving too Much? Have you been noticing an increase in discomfort due to being in your vehicle too often? It can sometimes lead to unpredictable circumstances, as well as hinder the driver, especially when they are spending an extended period time behind the wheel. As the driver devotes most of their time driving it can […]

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Bursitis: Causes and Prevention Strategies

What Is Bursitis? The Bursa; a liquid filled cavity located between bone, muscle, tendons, and skin usually acts as a buffer to reduce friction between tissue. However, when the bursa becomes irritated, its function can be impacted leading to very tender and painful tissue. What Causes Bursitis? Severe injury and overuse are the most common causes […]

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