I, Dr. Sarah MacArthur, live in a World where miracles don’t just happen but are expected every single day
This statement plays an integral role in my life and my journey to be where I am today. Here I am going to share with you why this word resonates so deeply with me on both a personal and professional level.
I have always had a rather positive outlook on life for as long as I can remember; it has always been something that I have thought of as a key characteristic of my personality. I also know that it is from my experiences that I am able to view the World as I do today. My mother is a walking miracle. She was diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis, a very painful condition, at the young age of 21. At the time her medical doctors did not fully understand what was wrong with her and in an attempt to save her life on multiple occasions they needed to perform a number of different surgeries. One surgery left her with ⅓ of her stomach and a re-routed intestinal system. Another one left her without her spleen and gallbladder, and another one with only ⅓ of her pancreas. Prior to every surgery the doctor told her that there was a high likelihood that she would not make it through the surgery because she would not be strong enough. She was in and out of hospitals so much that they repeatedly told her that she would not make it past her next birthday. Yet she fought and every single time that she made it through it was nothing short of a miracle! Furthermore, due to her low body weight from her illness they told her she would never have children. She proved them wrong again when she had my brother, the first baby to ever be born from a woman with her disease. Several years later she gave birth to me which was not bad for a woman who was told she would never have children. I am so grateful for my life every single day. When I think about my mother and everything she has been through in her lifetime I will not wake up any day not expecting some form of a miracle to occur.
Incredibly, my mother is still alive today and in much better health than when she was 21. She began to see a chiropractor in her early 50s who completely changed the course of her life. She was able to get off a lot of the medications she was put on, including the daily morphine that she was addicted to for 30+ years. She was in the right place at the right time for a miracle to happen when she met her current chiropractor and her life was never the same again. I watched this progression of her improved quality of life and developed a burning passion to help people in the same way.
My journey has now led me to Boulder, Colorado where I am honored to take care of some of the most amazing people through chiropractic care, giving them HOPE when there was previously none. We see miracles in our office every day. Some of those miracles are more modest, yet powerful, like a mother being able to play with her kids more because she no longer gets debilitating migraines. Lives are changed.
The truth of the matter is that you don’t need to look very far to see miracles in your everyday life. We tend to think of a miracle as some big, unexpected, life event that affects your life in some positive way. Miracles do come in this form, however, I challenge you to think on the small things that happen daily that change your life, for better or for worse. After all isn’t every single day on this Earth a miracle?
“Miracles, in the sense of phenomena we cannot explain, surround us on every hand: life itself is the miracle of miracles”
-George Bernard Shaw-

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