When traditional pain management falls short for migraine and chronic headache sufferers, Atlas Chiropractic of the Greater Boulder area including Erie and Superior becomes a beacon of hope. Dr. Alison’s expertise in the upper cervical spine and nerve anatomy, combined with her ability to connect past physical trauma to ongoing symptoms, provides alternatives beyond prescription treatments and dark, silent rooms.

Headaches, often stemming from spine and tissue damage in the neck area, find resolution at Atlas Chiropractic addressing issues that medications merely mask, utilizing advanced techniques exclusive to cervical spine specialists.

Our Approach

Understanding the complexity of headaches involves precise diagnoses and consideration of various root causes, from spine traumas to environmental stressors and underlying illnesses. While medications offer temporary relief, they can complicate wellness with their side effects.

For those grappling with chronic migraines, headaches, or trigeminal neuralgia, consulting a neck and headache specialist can expedite the journey to a pain-free, more fulfilling life.

Headaches’ agony can be incapacitating, hindering daily life significantly. Atlas Chiropractic tackles cluster headaches, tension headaches, and migraines, offering invaluable long-term relief and substantial pain reduction!

Relief from headache pain need not be an insurmountable challenge. Lifestyle changes significantly reduce headache pain. We specialize in headaches offer advice on diet, stress management, and calming activities like yoga or meditation to alleviate tension-induced head pain.

Long-lasting headache relief necessitates preventive measures. Regular chiropractic adjustments coupled with lifestyle modifications promote optimal spinal health and reduce stress, key components for successful headache management.

Migraine Systems

Migraines bring with them intense, throbbing, or pulsating pain, typically concentrated on one side of the head or both. However, the experience extends beyond just a severe headache, encompassing a range of common symptoms:

  • Problems with the Senses: Vision disturbances, such as flashing lights or zigzag lines, may accompany migraines. Sensitivity to light, sound, or smells can also be prevalent.
  • Nausea and Vomiting: Migraines often induce feelings of nausea, and some individuals may experience vomiting or stomachaches.
  • Warning Signs (Aura): Before the onset of a migraine, individuals may encounter an “aura.” This could involve seeing nonexistent things, feeling tingling or numbness, or experiencing difficulty in speaking.
  • Fatigue and Irritability: Migraines leave individuals feeling exceptionally tired and easily irritated. Concentration becomes challenging, impacting the ability to perform daily tasks.

These symptoms collectively characterize migraines, a prevalent condition affecting approximately 12% of people globally. The demographic most susceptible to migraines is individuals aged between 15 and 49. Fortunately, migraines tend to become less frequent and severe as individuals age.

The impact of migraines on one’s life can be significant, leading to missed school or work days, reduced productivity, and an overall sense of unwellness. Recognizing and addressing these symptoms is crucial for managing and mitigating the disruptive effects of migraines.

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