Whiplash injuries, commonly stemming from car accidents, have seen a steady increase in Colorado due to the rising number of vehicles on our roads. However, these injuries aren’t exclusive to car collisions—they can occur during activities like snowboarding, skiing, mountain biking, or even from a simple fall. Despite the varying causes, the resulting damage remains consistent.

When the neck surpasses its typical range of motion, it leads to tearing and straining of the soft tissues, resulting in significant pain. The symptoms of whiplash, including neck pain, headaches, difficulty swallowing, brain fog, dizziness, and vertigo, are quite prevalent.

Although neck pain is typically associated with whiplash, lower back pain can also emerge due to soft tissue damage. Scar tissue formation restricts joint movement, causing issues like neck pain, back pain, headaches, and dizziness.

Chiropractic adjustments play a vital role in reinstating motion to the affected area, facilitating the body’s healing process and reducing pain.

Who Should You Consult for Whiplash Recovery?

The crucial factor when seeking medical assistance is finding a professional experienced in treating whiplash injuries. With over 15 years of aiding individuals in the Greater Boulder, Colorado area—treating cases ranging from minor to severe whiplash traumas—Atlas Chiropractic is a trusted destination for those seeking relief.

Many of our clients are outdoor enthusiasts and individuals leading active lives. Their drive to remain active fuels their pursuit of neck pain treatment and the quest for ultimate relief.

Can Insurance Cover Whiplash Injuries?


Following an auto accident, you likely have access to medical coverage, typically around $5,000, known as med pay or PIP coverage. Atlas Chiropractic manages all billing procedures, allowing you to concentrate on your recovery without the added stress of dealing with insurance hassles.

In instances where insurance companies pose challenges, our association with Personal Injury lawyers, such as Vernon Ready with Ready Law, proves invaluable.

In addition to car accidents, whiplash injuries from sports and ski incidents are also areas where we specialize, offering comprehensive care and support for recovery.

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