Can Good Health Really Be That Simple?

Have you ever been speaking with your doctor and felt like you were hearing a foreign language? I can tell you how it feels from both sides of the table! It is frustrating hearing jibberish and it is also frustrating seeing glazed eyes while trying to explain a complicated topic, like health.
Take a moment and think back to high school biology when learning about the human body. Do you remember how complicated and confusing it all was?! Now imagine spending the next 8 years diving deeper and deeper down that rabbit hole with Neurons on this side and beta amyloid plaques over there. It gets complex!
The biggest challenge once a diagnosis has been given is explaining exactly what is happening in ENGLISH! It’s difficult to take all this information we are taught and break it apart into tangible pieces. Believe me…I get it!
So, what I have done for you today is to take the most complex process that actually maintains our health and broke it apart into something that by the end of this will leave you saying…”wait, that’s it?!”. Sounds fair enough!!
Let’s start with the basics. Ours body is designed to be healthy. From birth til death our body is constantly fighting to keep us healthy. Want an example? Try this on for size…Have you ever cut your finger before? What exactly happened? You probably cleaned the wound with neosporin, placed a band-aid, and within 7 days the cut was healed. Now, take a piece of raw steak, cut it, pour neosporin on it, and put a band-aid on it. Do you think the steak will heal? Will your finger? What’s the difference??  We are ALIVE and we are designed to HEAL. That is our default setting…HEALTH.
How does this happen? Our bodies functions as follows…the brain is the master control system in the body. It gives orders to every other part of the body, from the time we are born til our last breath. So the brain gives orders… who listens? Our body is made up of trillions of cells, all with their own responsibility. We have liver cells, heart cells, immune cells and they all do what they do based on how the brain talks to them.

See the image above. The top of the safety pin we will call the brain. The bottom, or loop, we will call a single cell. Now, this can be any cell in the body…a thyroid cell, kidney cell, muscle cell, etc. Normally, the brain sends a message to the cell telling it to do a job. Once it does this, the cell sends a message to the brain saying the job was completed. This loop happens EVERY SECOND OF YOUR ENTIRE LIFE! This loop maintains our health, and keeps us free of sickness.
But what happens if the safety pin opens? The brain sends a signal to the cell, the cell does its job, and the cell sends a signal to the brain…but that signal never gets there. Let’s look at one simple example.
When we are getting ready to eat, the brain sends a signal to the stomach to produce acid. This acid breaks down food so it can be digested. Once the food is all broken down, the stomach sends a signal back to the brain to shut off the acid production…but that signal never got there. So the brain continues to produce acid in the stomach. What’s that called? You guessed it, acid reflux. Until the safety pin is closed, this cycle will continue over and over again leading you to go from taking TUMS, to Prilosec, to Nexium, eventually leading to surgery.
So, to put it simply, our health is dictated by the ability of our body to send messages from the brain to the body, and from the body back up to the brain. When this cycle is working normally, health follows. When there is a disruption in the communication cycle symptoms arise. With this being said, can you think back to the last time you had your Nervous System checked? All the communication we just discussed happens over the Nervous System. It would stand to reason that if you are experiencing symptoms that this would be the best place to start. The cool thing about the body is it is CONSTANTLY looking to heal itself. All it needs is proper communication.
For those of you reading this article now, I am willing to offer you a complimentary nervous system assessment in our office. You see the only objective in our office is to determine how your Nervous System is functioning. We check to make sure it is, and if it isn’t, well that is when we intervene and fix it. To schedule this complimentary assessment please call 303.442.5911.

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