Imagine that your heart starts to beat faster and faster yet your breathing becomes more shallow with every breath, you feel tense, nervous, and unable to relax. The world seems to be speeding up and slowing down all at the same time, your palms are sweating, and you feel like you are in a cycle that you cannot get out of. If you have experienced this you would know that you are experiencing anxiety.


Generalized anxiety disorder affects 6.8 million adults (3.1 % of the population), yet only 43.2% of people receive treatment for it and women are twice as likely to be affected than men. The truth is that many anxiety disorders are very manageable and can concurrently occur with other health conditions like migraines, vertigo, neck pain, tinnitus, and multiple sclerosis.


When you are in pain or feel like you have no control over your situation, your body goes into a fight or flight response which makes your heart beat faster, digestion slows, all the blood goes to your limbs to allow you to be able to make quick movements. This response is perfect when you need to get away from a bear chasing you but stress in everyday life can have the same effect on your physiology. When you are constantly on overdrive many different health issues can manifest. The sympathetic response is controlled by your nervous system and we find that many people who have anxiety have a nervous system issue and they don’t even know it.


Let me tell you a story about Michele


Michele is a retired hair stylist who is a very optimistic and hardworking person. She has a very active social life and enjoys spending time with her family. She also takes great care of herself by exercising, eating right, and having a positive mental attitude.


Michele starts to develop a constant quiet ringing in her ears. She really wonders why that could be happening but its only slightly distracting and she is still able to go about her daily life with it. Several months pass and it starts to get louder and louder, it feels like there is a pressure inside her head and everything sounds like it is coming through a seashell. The constant roaring she’s hearing is really wearing her down.


At this point she starts to develop anxiety, she once loved going out and spending time with friends and family and now she has difficulty even just leaving the house. This is seriously affecting her mood, relationships, and her ability to live her life the way she wants to. Michele started to do an online search for a natural solution and she came across our office and read about how we help people with nervous system problems.


She calls our office and is surprised to hear a caring voice on the other end. She decides she needs to see for herself if this can help her out so she drives an hour to come in for a consultation. After reviewing her history we learn that she was in a car accident when she was younger where the car had flipped, and she had fallen and hit her head a couple other times. We tell her that all the trauma she has experienced adds up and that what she is experiencing now is because of a dysfunction in her nervous system. We use an objective measure to see how her nervous system is functioning and take biomechanical X-Rays of the top area of her spine and tell her that she is definitely in the right place. We put her on a very specialized care plan just for her and slowly she starts to heal without the use of drugs or surgery.


Here is Michele’s story in her own words:



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