Vertigo is a sensation of feeling off balance. If you have these dizzy spells, you might feel like you are spinning or that the world around you is spinning.  It can seem like these “attacks” can come out of nowhere. Some people have a single incident and others have multiple dizzy spells over a long period of time.  For those of you that have experienced vertigo, you know it can be really scary and debilitating. What causes this imbalance in your body?

Let me tell you a story about Jane…

Jane is 46 and has been a nurse for 20 years.  She works really hard and loves her job. Over the past 5 years, she has cut her hours to part-time and is finally having a little bit of a work/ life balance.
One day she suddenly woke up and the room was spinning out of control.  She went to the bathroom to put some cold water on her face and almost fell over on her way.  Her heart rate was elevated, she was sweating, and was ghost white pale. She felt nauseous and the only thing that made her feel a little better was to lay on the cold tile in a little ball.
Her husband woke up and found Jane in the bathroom on the floor.  He was terrified that something was really wrong. He checked in with his wife to try to find out what was wrong.  Jane tried to explain that the room was spinning, she was nauseous, and her heart was beating out of her chest.
They decided to take her to the emergency room and have some test done.  Her husband basically carried her to the car and drove very carefully to the hospital.  They waited for 2 hours in the waiting room. When it was finally her turn they ran some blood test, an MRI, and a CT scan to see if something really serious was going on.  
After another 2 hours of waiting the doctor came back with the results.  They didn’t find anything wrong with Jane. The doctor suggested taking some medication to help with the vertigo and nausea.  
Jane left the hospital feeling a little better that she did not have a brain tumor or hemorrhage in her brain, but she also was scared that there wasn’t anything that could be done.  Being a healthcare practitioner herself, she understood that she absolutely did not want to be on medications for the rest of her life.
Over the next few days, the symptoms got a little better, but not good enough to function or back to work.  At this point, Jane knew she had to take measures into her own hand. The current healthcare system wasn’t going to help her.
Jane did a little research online.  She googled “vertigo causes” and “alternative treatment for vertigo”
Guess who she found?  Us, of course. These are exactly the kind of cases we see on a daily basis

How The Specific Chiropractic Was Able to Help

Jane requested a no-risk consultation with one of our doctors. Jane filled out her paperwork and showed up to her first appointment She came is very cautiously optimistic. She waited in our patient lounge for 5 mins and then one of our doctors came out to greet her. We listened to her and explained how we were going to help her and how we are very different from other health care offices. Jane was really impressed with her first experience and decided to do the initial testing.  
What we found was that Jane’s brain was not functioning properly and her neck was not moving the way it was suppose to .  You see there are 3 things that dictate your balance: your inner ears, your eyes, and the upper part of your neck. If one of those three sensory inputs are not functioning properly, you will get sensory mismatch.  That can lead to vertigo and dizziness. In this office we are experts in the biomechanics of the neck and proper brain functions
We made a tailored plan, just for her explained how we would be here every step of the way.
Jane followed our recommendations and slowly got better and better until she no longer had any symptoms and was back to being the person she knew she could be.  
Unfortunately we hear this story over and over again.  Most people we talk to are very frustrated with their current healthcare system and do not know where to get help.  We work very hard to get the word out that there is another way. You don’t have to suffer with vertigo or take a bunch of different pills.
If this story sounds familiar I would highly recommend calling our office 303-442-5911 or filling out the webform below to request a no risk, complementary consultation.  Most of the people that come into our office say that they are really impressed with the specialize work we provide. The ones that decide to be patients usually say “ I can’t imagine my life if I didn’t come in for care, I am afraid to even think about what it would look like.”
There is another way.  Let us show you how you can get your health back.  We hope to hear from you soon.

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