Do I have your permission to challenge you? To say some things that may challenge what you currently believe to be true?
My name is Dr. Rich Baez and I stand for a world where your current state of health does NOT dictate your future.  . . . . your CURRENT state of health does not dictate your future. This is the foundation that I live my life by, both in and out of the office. You see, people come into my office because they are sick. They have exhausted both medical AND alternative modalities. In fact, many patients have been told that there is nothing more that can be done and they should go home and learn how to live with their diagnosis. THIS IS NOT OK….because your current state of HEALTH…does not dictate your future.
If you get to know me and hear what patients come into the office for, you’ll hear things ranging from migraine headaches, digestive issues, head traumas, all way way down the line to Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s! If you sit in the lobby long enough you’re going to think that we can cure anything from leprosy to ingrown toe nails! But that simply is not the case. In fact, I will tell you now that I, nor any other doctor can cure ANY disease. Anything that is every cured is cured by the human body, not by doctors.
If you cut your finger, you run to the medicine cabinet, pour neosporin on it, wrap a bandage around it and in one arm you shot with penicillin, the other gets a tetanus shot and a week later you take the bandage off and the cut is healed. But do you really think neosporin and penicillin healed the cut? IF YOU think that, go out to the butcher shop, buy a steak cut it, rub neosporin on it and shoot it full of whatever you want…I GUARANTEE YOU the steak won’t heal, now will it.  Of COURSE NOT. And now you’re saying to yourself, I’m being ridiculous, of course the steak won’t heal because it isn’t alive. BUT that’s the point! Let’s stop giving credit where it isn’t due, LIFE Heals, NOT DOCTORS. All the scientists in the world put together couldn’t heal a blade of grass, yet your living body right now is making NEW liver cells, eyeballs, and killing cancer cells out of the food you ate for lunch today. YOUR ARE THE DOCTOR!
I’ll give you one example, and if that one example doesn’t convince you…then I’m going to quite. Let’s think for a moment about the start of a new human being, the union of two little cells. An egg cell and a sperm cell. These two little cells come together to become one. This one cell begins to grow and eventually divides into two, two to four, four to eight, sixteen, thirty two, sixty four, one twenty eight, two fifty four and so on.
This goes on until the cells reach the size of a raspberry. Somehow at this point the cells begin to change. Remember this started out as one cell, they should all be the same…shouldn’t they.  But they begin to change and one side of the raspberry forms an indent called the primitive streak. That primitive streak is going to become the first organ to develop in the human body, do you know what the first organ is? ALWAYS, the brain and the spinal cord. I contemplated WHY?
So I turned to the medical physiology textbook. And Haliberton’s textbook of physiology states the brain and spinal cord are the first to form because they are the master control system of the body that will regulate and control the function of every other system from then on. You see, it is the brain and spinal cord that are responsible for keeping us all healthy, growing and developing, normally from birth til the end.
As I wrap up, keep in mind this one point. It’s no accident that the skin around the eyes breaks so the eyes can form, or that our fingers eventually stop growing. wouldn’t it be wild if our fingers kept growing out whole lives?! there is something within us, a wisdom or intelligence, that takes that initial cell, matures it till birth, rapidly developing the body until adulthood. This same intelligence does not leave the body at this point, it stays and coordinates and regulates the 75 TRILLION cells that make us who we are.
To conclude, your current state of health does NOT dictate your future. We are designed to be healthy, that is the default setting. If you find yourself straying off that line of health, there is a reason for it. That first organ to develop, the brain and nervous system is what controls all other cells in the body. If we are not happy with our current state of health, there is HOPE to change our future, to be healthy once again.

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