Have you ever woken up with a throbbing, booming, sharp migraine that leaves you incapacitated and unable to leave your bed let alone make it to work? You wouldn’t be alone, in fact, 38 million people suffer from migraines in the US, this is approximately 13 percent of the adult population in the entire Country.

Let me tell you a story about Joanne.

Joanne was always very athletic growing up, she competed throughout middle and high school in volleyball, soccer, and gymnastics. She would have minor injuries here or there but always bounced back really quickly and it was hard to keep her from participating when she was injured. She got a full ride scholarship to the University of her choice for gymnastics and everything was going really well until she was doing a cross hand-stand in her regional competition and fell, catastrophically, onto her head.
She had sprained some the ligaments in her upper neck which prevented her from turning her head properly and she had a severe concussion that took her out of gymnastics for months.

Joanne was devastated. It took her a while but she eventually was able to compete again, however, not at the same level as before her head and neck injury. Her ability to turn her head remained restricted and she continued to have brain fog and, several years later, started to have debilitating migraines.
At this point in her life, Joanne is working 50-60 hour work weeks as an associate in a law office. She has tried everything natural that she can to help with her migraines; essential oils, massage, and acupuncture with little relief. In order to keep up with her very busy life as a law associate, she resorts, unwillingly, to medication. She starts popping Advil twice a day which is effective for a few months but does not take away her pain entirely. She goes to the pharmacy and starts to take the common OTC Excedrin in combination with her Advil which seems to help temporarily. Next, she is going to her M.D who is running every test you can think of, prescribing her Imitrex, and suggesting she gets injections or surgery.

She feels lost and all she can keep thinking about is her mom and how many medications she was prescribed for her cancer and she didn’t want to go down that same road of medication dependency. She is frustrated at the health care system and how she feels like she has no choice when it comes to her health.

She’s feeling pretty defeated at this point, but she knows that there has to be a solution somewhere, she is so sick of hearing that there is no answer. She wants to take her health into her own hands and she knows that the answer has to come from within since she has tried every other outside-in approach.

Joanne, still optimistic, finds us after she has tried everything else. She is empowered from the moment she walks through the door and we ask her “What are you looking for as far as your health is concerned?” something that no one has ever asked her before. Through taking a
complete health history we trace the start of the decline of her health back to her gymnastics accident.

Through our specialized nervous system testing and bio-mechanical X-Rays we determine that the main source of her migraines is a misalignment in her upper neck that has caused her brain to not function properly. Once we restore the communication between the brain and the rest of the body then Joanne can heal the way she was meant to from the beginning. For the first time in a long time Joanne is hopeful that she will not have to go down that same path that her mother did for the rest of her life.
If this story is in any way relatable please reach out to us by filling out the form below. We hear stories similar to this all the time and are here to tell you that you don’t “just have to live with it”, we will never put any restrictions on your ability to get well. We provide a no risk consultation with one of our Doctors to determine what the source of your health problems are. Shouldn’t you get to choose how your story ends?

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