I stand for a world where ego does not stand in the way of prosperity

My name is Dr Rich Baez and I stand for a world where ego does not stand in the way of prosperity.
Prosperous is an interesting word. It is a state of thriving socially, in health, and in happiness. It is something I can say with confidence we all strive for. But we don’t always achieve it, do we. So what’s standing in your way?
I’ve noticed with myself that I was letting my ego get in the way of true happiness and joy. I feel like I’ve always know this to a degree but never really had a way to overcome that limitation. Maybe you can relate..
After quite a bit of soul searching, reading, and discussing with my community I began to understand what truly matters to me. It isn’t the superficial things I was clinging to, it wasn’t being top of my class, it wasn’t being ‘perfect’. No, the answer was much simpler. What matters most to me in this world is service above self.
With this in mind, I began to find opportunities to give back to my community, locally and abroad. Here in the states, I joined my local Rotary Club. Rotary is a local and international non-profit organization focused on education, water projects, women empowerment, etc. I’ve been the president of my club for just over a year now.
When I first moved to Boulder, CO in 2015 I joined another non-profit called Voices for Children and became a CASA. CASAs roles are to be an advocate for children whose parents have lost custody of their children due to abuse or drug addictions. Our role was to be the eyes and ears for the children, advocate for their needs to the court, and if possible to reunify families together.
Lastly, and most importantly to me is our international service trips. This is where myself and a group of other Specific Chiropractors travel to different countries and offer free care for those in need. To date, I’ve traveled to India, El Salvador three times, and to Mexico City twice. The last two trips were June of 2017 and January 2018.
It’s on these trips that ego dies. I’m not Dr. Baez with my suit and tie. These trips aren’t about looking cool or wearing nice clothes, or even about making money (in fact we spend over $2,000 out of pocket on these trips), rather being an open heart to deliver chiropractic to those in need.
I’ll share one story from our last trip that I hope will illustrate my point. One child was brought to us by his mother. He is 5 years old and has been diagnosed with Autism. He arrived on Tuesday after lunch and I remember hearing him screaming for about 25 minutes. You see on these trips there are 13 docs divided into 4 teams. My team was about 20 feet away from Dr. Casey, who was the one taking care of this child. Talking to him on our way back to the hotel he mentioned a child he saw that day who was diagnosed with Autism. He said that the child was very difficult to work with and that he wouldn’t let anyone touch him. The screaming I heard was him sitting with his mother waiting for a moment to check the child. It took 25 minutes of patients before the child could be seen and in that moment Dr. Casey delivered a specific adjustment to the top bone in the child’s neck. Immediately the child calmed down and started looking around from his mother to Dr. Casey and back to his mom. The child and mom left and returned the following day. This is where things got heavy.
The mother reported that once they got home from seeing us she asked her kids, ‘quieres comer?’ and for the first time in his life, her son with Autism responded, ‘si’. That was the first word he had ever spoken. The mother reported that the muscles in her sons back and neck were not rigid and that he slept throughout the night. Also, she says that her son was no longer anxious, that he seemed very calm.
That’s what these trips are all about. Bringing this thing that we call Chiropractic to those in need. If we were not on these trips, that child would still be in that fight or flight response. Is the child cured? No. But with regular checkups his quality of life will be tremendously improved.
To conclude, there are people in need all across this world both locally and internationally. I learned with myself that I was letting my ego stand in my own way of figuring out my path in life and when I was finally able to break through that shell, everything began to fall in line. What is standing in the way of your prosperity? Is it something you are aware of? Is it something that you may need to reflect on? Whatever it is, I encourage you to break down those walls because life on the other side is absolute bliss.
Dr. Rich Baez

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