If you have ever woken up and had the room spinning it can be a really scary experience.  You might feel nausea and unsteady, this feeling can be described as dizziness or vertigo.  Unfortunately most people do not know what to do or where to go for help. Vertigo can be super debilitating and make it virtually impossible to go to work or function at all.

It can seem like this vertigo came out of nowhere.  How did this happen? What I find is most people who have an episode of dizziness have a history of a car accident, head trauma, or repetitive trauma.  This can be months or years ago. What’s the connection?

Your balance center in your brain is controlled by sensory input from your eyes, inner ear, and upper two bones in your neck.  If one of those sensory input is not functioning correctly you get what is called sensory mismatch. The symptom you feel is dizziness or vertigo.

Many times people will get their eyes and ears checked by an EENT doctor and everything checks out fine.  The problem is they are still experiencing vertigo. The one thing that gets overlooked is the biomechanics of the upper neck.  Like I said earlier many people that we see in our office have a history of trauma or a car accident a long time ago. During that accident they might have experienced whiplash, even if they were in just a “fender bender.”  When there is damage to the soft tissue around the upper part of the neck, the joints do not move like they once did. That can cause a miscommunication to the brain. What is occurring is an imbalance in the way the central nervous system is functioning, meaning your brain, brain stem, and spinal cord.  The most up to date research links the relationship between the inner ear and the upper two bones in your neck as probable causes.

The Atlas Chiropractic of Boulder specializes in checking the upper part of the neck to see if there is any biomechanical damage and if your central nervous system in functioning properly.  We use up to date technology called computerized infrared thermography to check nerve function and digital motion x-rays to check the movement in the upper neck.

All of these tests are performed in our office and are done within an hour. We also have radiologist to send out the xrays to confirm our findings in the office.  The only way for you to know if we can help you is to make an appointment.

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