An injury to your Upper Cervical region is an injury to your neck.

More specifically the very top of your neck. This is very common after an accident like a car accident, a skiing accident or a fall during an activity. We see people all the time in our office that have had an injury to their neck. Most people have a similar story and it goes something like this… Let me tell you a story about Michelle.

Michelle had a fall on a skiing trip with her family 5 years ago. The initial injury left her with a bad headache and a sore neck that lasted about 2 weeks. She saw her primary care doctor and they cleared her of any major injury. Slowly her symptoms got better and she returned to regular life. 6 months later she started to notice that her neck was not moving like it did before and she was having a tough time looking over her shoulder while backing out of the driveway. Another 2 months passed and she was waking up with headaches every day. She would take some Advil and they would go away. Michelle was also noticing that she couldn’t “shut her brain off” at night and was having a hard time sleeping. One day Michelle woke up with a really bad headache and the room was spinning. She was really scared and had to call in sick to work. After the dizzy spell was over she immediately called her primary care doctor to schedule an appointment.

Michelle told her doctor what was going on and wanted to get everything checked out. After 2 hours of testing and waiting, Michelle was devastated that nothing was found on any test and was told that everything was “normal.”

She thought to herself, “was this all in my head?” “ Am I being dramatic?”
Figuring that she was going to just have to live with it Michelle went on with her life. To be able to get through life she started taking a prescribed sleep medication and muscle relaxers that she uses only when the pain is bad enough. Michelle has seen this road before with her parents. Both of her parents started taking medications when they turned 50. Over the years more and more medications were added to the list. Now they are living a life where they need care and are not able to do much of anything.

Michelle never wanted to have that happen to her. She is frustrated by a broken health care system that let her and her family down. What does she do now?

Through her journey, Michelle has had the most success with “alternative” health care. She has used peppermint oil for her headaches, gets massages for her stiff neck, and does meditation for her sleep issues. All of these methods have had temporary relief, but Michelle knows she is on the right track. Intrinsically she knows health comes from within. She knows that if she could just get her body to work properly, then it can heal. One day she thought back to that skiing accident 5 years ago…It seems that after that injury her health started to go downhill.

This is the point where most people walk into our office. 

The first thing we do is listen to her story and confirm what she has believed all along. Yes, health comes from within and we are here to help you along the way.

Once we establish this office is the right fit, we do a full workup of your health history and tests of your nervous system and brain function

What we have found, is when you have an Upper Cervical injury it can affect how your brain is functioning. When your brain is not functioning at 100% all kinds of health problems can arise.
Here at Atlas Chiropractic of Boulder, we are experts in Upper cervical injuries and restoring brain function. We help people all the time who have been told “ you just have to live with it” or “it is all in your head”

If this story sounds familiar please fill out the boxes below and schedule a no-risk consultation with one of our doctors. What do you have to lose? I promise you, we will find the answers that you have been searching for or find the right office to refer you to.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog and feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.

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