Imagine yourself waking up and as soon as you sit up in bed you feel extremely dizzy, disoriented, and nauseous. You go to stand up and you are so off balance you have difficulty walking. The scary thing is that you were fine yesterday and, seemingly out of the blue, woke up feeling just like this. This scenario is very scary and not all that uncommon as 40% of people in America will experience some form of dizziness or have balance problems within their lifetime.

The exact same scenario above happened to Diane, let me tell you her story.

Diane’s Story

Diane is a stay at home mom in Boulder who takes care of her 10 and 12-year-old kids. Before her kids were born she worked as a paralegal which is how she met her husband. Not very long after they were married they decided they wanted to start a family, so she decided to quit her job to focus on the family with the intention that she may go back to work one day when her children were older.
Diane does a majority of the cooking and cleaning around the house and when she isn’t busy with that she is volunteering for local non-profit organizations and is an active member of the PTA. She enjoys going on walks with her friends a couple times a week, her book club, and her girls night out every other week.

One morning she woke up feeling extremely dizzy and when she stood up she felt nauseous so she rushed to the bathroom, stumbling along the way. After sitting there for a few minutes the nausea passes but she still feels like her world is spinning. She is experiencing an episode of vertigo. She calls for her husband to get the kids ready for school because she knows that if she moves much more it will just get worse. She is really scared and hoping that with some time it will pass or, at the very least, get a little better so that she can get on with her day. Several hours pass and she does start to feel a little better but it doesn’t go away entirely. The next morning she wakes up feeling even worse than she did yesterday. It’s so bad today that she needs to cancel her walk, volunteering, and girls night out.

At this point, she is feeling extremely frustrated because she has no idea why the vertigo came on so suddenly and it’s to the point where it’s affecting her ability to take care of her family and her social life. She calls her MD and he tells her there really isn’t a lot he can do for her, the medications he could prescribe come with some nasty side effects like drowsiness. She does not like that answer and begins an online search looking for “vertigo treatment in Boulder”. This is the point where she finds us.

How Atlas Chiropractic of Boulder was able to help.

Diane fills out the web form requesting a complimentary consultation and one of our specialists calls her to set up the appointment. Through taking a detailed health history we learn that 6 years ago she fell off of her porch and hit her head, this kind of trauma can affect the upper part of the neck and alter the communication between her brain and her body, primarily affecting her sensory system. We determine the root cause of her vertigo to be a dysfunction in her nervous system which we had tested using infrared thermography. By taking specialized X-Rays we determine where we need to adjust her to balance her nervous system and get her on the road to wellness.

Slowly but surely Diane starts to heal, the day after her first adjustment she feels a lot better than the morning before. After the first week of care, she is feeling so good that she reschedules her girls night out and is able to attend all of her PTA meetings and volunteering. You see, this is why Diane wanted her vertigo to go away was because it was preventing her from getting on with her life, she is even considering picking up some hours at her old job as a paralegal. She is so happy to have found a solution that does not require medication and Doctors who truly understand why she needed to get her health back. She trusted in the journey and knew that the solution to healing was within her. 

We hear stories like Diane’s all the time, so if you have suddenly woke up with vertigo one day we recommend that you come into our office for a no risk, complimentary, consultation to see if there is an issue with your nervous system. Fill out the form below to speak with one of the specialists today. To learn more about us, click here. 

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