When someone comes into my office for the first time, I like to give them a tour.  Something that people always notice is the front page news articles of me in another language.  When they ask, “what is that and what language is that in?” I reply, “Those are the two trips I have taken to Norway to talk about the kind of care we provide in the office here.”  Then I go on to explain that there have been over 50 people who have come from Norway to a Boulder Chiropractor to receive care.  Most of the time people’s reactions are that of disbelief or amazement.  Then the next logical question…. “why would someone come half way across the world for Atlas Chiropractic care.”  The answer is simple… Results.
In my experience, I have found that people will do almost anything if they believe they will get the result they are looking for.  In my office, most people end up here after trying many different options.  They have been on numerous medications, have had every test under the sun, and yet are still getting little to no results, or in some cases have gotten worse.  The same is true for the Norwegian patients.  They have tried everything to get better and nothing has worked.  Luckily they are willing to fly halfway across the world to come to my office.  I am so glad that they do, because I LOVE working with Norwegian people.  In fact I have made a top 5 list of my favorite things about the Norwegians that I have seen in my office.
Here are my 5 favorite things about working with patients from Norway:

  1.  Their commitment to being well

When someone makes the effort to fly over 4,000 mile for care they usually are pretty committed to getting better.  I feel very grateful that I am able to be the one to help these patients get better and return home healthier and happier.    Most of the patients that fly over for care have been suffering with a chronic condition for months and sometimes even years.  They have taken all types of medication, seen many specialist, and still have had little to no improvement.  Luckily they find out about our office and make the long journey to Boulder, Colorado.
       2.  Follow my specific recommendations
One of the main reasons that patients from Norway get such great results is they follow my recommendations to a T.  They are on time for their appointments, come to the Big Idea Class, and take the time to relax and let the healing happen.    One advantage that Norwegian patients have is they are removed from their normal daily life.  It is a lot easier to relax and focus on healing when you don’t have to go to work and be in a stressful environment that can come from everyday life.
       3.  Complex and challenging cases
I love challenges.  In all aspects of my life I am not satisfied unless I am being pushed or challenged.  So you can imagine that if you are traveling a great distance to see a specialist, you probably have a very complex case.  Our office thrives on complex cases that have not responded well to traditional medicine or other alternative treatments.
       4.  A great attitude
As a country, Norway ranks in the top five for being one of the happiest places on earth!  They seem to bring that happiness with them when they come to the office.  If you have ever been to our Big Idea class you might remember us talking about the 5 pillars of health.  One of those pillars is a positive mental outlook on life.  I guarantee you if you look at the world as a scary dangerous place it will be.  If you see the world as a good, kind, and generous place it will be.  Your thoughts create your reality.
       5.  They tell everyone they know about the office
Our patients mostly come from word of mouth.  We do not have billions of dollars to spend on marketing like the pharmaceutical companies.  Our marketing is a grass root, community focused model.  Norway seems to have a fabulous community because we have seen over 50 people from Norway in the last 3 years!!
There are many other reasons I love working with Norwegian patients, but I didn’t want you to have to read a 20 page blog.  I also love learning other languages as well (however all I have learned is øl, beer, Skål, cheers, and ha det, good bye.) You know, the important words.
Thank you to all the Norwegians that have come over for care.  It has been a pleasure taking care of you and helping you reach a healthier happier state in life.  I look forward to seeing you soon and I look forward to meeting new people and helping them on a journey back to health.  If you are thinking about coming over for care, now is the time.  Please feel free to e-mail me any questions about your case. 

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