Today it seems like more and more people are dealing with anxiety.  Traditionally the treatment options are medication, therapy, or self-help techniques such as meditation or exercise.  While these are all good options, many people that I talk to feel like there is something missing. They say I have been doing all the things my doctor recommended, but I am still having anxiety.  Is there another option? Is something missing?


At our office, we do think something is missing. 

The problem that gets overlooked so many times with people suffering from anxiety is the way the brain is functioning.  Most people with anxiety have an “overactive” or “hyper-sympathetic” brain. In our office, our only job is to correct this problem.


Let me tell you a story about Michelle.  She was experiencing such bad anxiety she was afraid of going places.  She didn’t feel like herself and was losing self-confidence. She felt like she was trying everything to get back to being her again, but nothing was working.  She was trying to exercise more, meditating, and cleaning up her diet. She was also dealing with brain fog and tinnitus.


Michelle was starting to get really frustrated with the medical system that was telling her there was nothing more she could do.  That this was something she was “just going to have to live with.” Was this was the only answer? To take more drugs and feel more like a zombie?

There was a voice inside of her that kept telling her there had to be another option. Michelle always knew that health came from within.


Michelle was searching on the internet one day and came across one of our videos.  This was a video of one of our patients that had a similar issue and had gotten great results in our office.  Michelle thought to herself, what do I have to lose?


Michelle came in for a consultation and decided to start care.  We gave her a specific plan and explained in detail how everything was going to work. Within a month of treatment, her anxiety was almost completely gone.  Her brain fog was improving and so was her tinnitus. She was so excited that she felt like her “old self” again. Michelle was really excited to tell her story on video in hopes to help other people that were suffering from anxiety like she was.

Listen to Michelle in her own words:

Really powerful stuff right!?

Does this story sound familiar to you?  If so, I would highly recommend that you fill out the form at the bottom and schedule a no risk, complimentary consultation. 3 months from now you could be where Michelle is. You could be free of anxiety and brain fog.

On the other hand think where you could be in 3 months, 6 months, or a year from now if you don’t take action now?  That is a scary thought…

Let’s not let that happen.  Fill out the web form below or call the office at 303-442-5911 to speak to one of our expert doctors right now.

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