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Hand and Wrist Injury and Treatment Options

You use your hands for almost everything. From cooking, to cleaning, to writing, and even brushing your teeth, so many of your daily activities are directly depending on the health of the hand. Hand pain can occur from a variety of reasons ranging from old age, chronic damage from work related tasks to injuries sustained […]

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What Does Chiropractic Acually Do?

One of my favorite movies of all time is Office Space. My favorite scene that never fails to make me laugh is when the consultants are asking all the employees what their job is and how they are helping the company. When they get to Dom, an employee who obviously doesn’t contribute in any way, […]

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Tennis Elbow

It is common to associate Tennis Elbow to an injury in tennis, pickleball, or other racquet wielding sports. However, these are rarely patients with this injury. Instead, the majority many of people with this condition are office employees who spend numerous hours at their jobs in front of a computer screen. WHAT IS IT? Tennis […]

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THREE Ways You Can Reduce Stress This Holiday Season

The holidays are a truly special time of year. They bring family and friends from all over back together to celebrate each other and practice gratitude. On paper, you would think the holidays would be a stress free season full of giving and receiving, but that’s not always the case.  People typically fall into one […]

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Atlas Subluxation Complex

What is the atlas subluxation complex? An Atlas Subluxation Complex (ASC) occurs when the top bones in your neck, also known as your upper cervical vertebrae, become stuck and don’t move the way they are supposed to. The brain sends information to the rest of the body through the brainstem which travels through these top […]

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Calf Pain with Running

Whether you are a seasoned vet or a newbie, one of the most common issues runners deal with is calf pain. There are a few ways to combat the discomfort. The main way is by strengthening them which will prepare the muscles to properly sustain the load and strain on them while their being utilized. […]

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