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The Best Advice A Doctor Could Give

Do you know the most dangerous invader that can hurt you?  It is not a germ, it is not an accident, and it is not something that someone else is doing to you.  It is a word you hear all the time.  It is something that we all deal with on a daily basis.  What […]

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Boulder Chiropractic, Is It Voodoo Magic?

Are you skeptical of Chiropractic or have no idea what a Chiropractor does?  So was I before I had my first experience with one. When I was in high school I had my first experience with a Chiropractor. I was playing Varsity Volleyball and I came down on one of the other team’s foot and […]

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On a Budget? 5 Ways to Achieve Your Wellness Goals This Year

Are you trying to make this year your healthiest yet? Whether you want to clean up your diet or start running after work, you probably have some wellness goals in mind that you’re aiming to accomplish.   When you begin your journey to healthy living, there can be a lot of pressure to spend money […]

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Don’t Have a Pain in the Neck!

Have you had a pain in your neck for the past year? I don’t mean your boss, I mean literally a pain in your neck! Many people are suffering from neck pain and just “deal” with it. You may have tried medication, a new pillow, massage, or even injections in your neck. Does it seem […]

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Need compensation for an injury? Avoid these five treatment mistakes!

This post contains essential tips for those of you seeking treatment from Dr. Bremner for injuries caused by someone else. I am Colorado personal injury attorney Vernon Ready, and I help injury victims get full and fair compensation for losses caused by the negligence of others. More information about my practice is available at […]

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Amazing Unknown Treatment for Neck Pain Relief in Boulder

If you are reading this article then you or someone you know probably suffers from neck pain, headaches, or migraines. Does it seem like you have “tried everything” with little to no results? This article is for you!!! Almost every single person who is a patient in our office first said the words, “I’ve tried […]

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