What is Preventative Care?

In short, preventative care is the care a patient receives to prevent a disease or illness. In research, commonly referred to as “maintenance care”. It is frequently studied to see which conditions and populations it helps the most. For example, low back pain as a chronic condition and the elderly as a population.

Preventative care is also analyzed to see how often doctors recommend it to a patient, compared to how often it is actually required. Lastly, research is also being done to determine what type of treatment falls under the title of preventative care.
Chiropractors widely accept that preventative care and health promotion is very effective treatment strategy for patients!

What does it have to do with chiropractic care?

Chiropractors use preventative care as “secondary” and “tertiary” prevention strategies. The goal of a secondary prevention strategy is to reduce the impact of a previously diagnosed condition. For example, a chiropractor recommending exercises to prevent an injury from happening again. Tertiary prevention aims to reduce the impact that a chronic condition has on a patient. For example, teaching a patient stretches to alleviate chronic low back pain.

Clinical research shows that chiro care works!

In one research study, investigators found that patients who sought out maintenance care from chiropractors had an average of 12/8 fewer days throughout the year with low back pain.

In addition to this study, another examined exercise as a way to prevent low back pain and injury in fire fighters. This study evaluated first responders, for instance firefighters, for 12 months. One of the test groups received chiropractic care, in addition to performing a back and core exercise program. The results of this test group were impressive. The data showed this test group lost less work time due to low back pain or injury.

These research findings provide evidence to support even more research and initiatives to implement exercise programs. They both provide strong data supporting chiropractic as a form of maintenance care for patients with low back pain!

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Dr. Cort Musolf, DC