What makes us “vertigo experts” at Atlas Chiropractic of Boulder?

For starters, we have been seeing vertigo patients for over 15 years. In those 15 years we have helped hundreds of people break free of their symptoms, heal from vertigo, and get their life back! In fact, 70-80% of the people that we help come into this office because they suffer from vertigo. They are the great majority of our patient base here at Atlas Chiropractic. We love helping this population because they almost always respond well and heal from their symptoms. We are very lucky to be able to help people in such a powerful way.

What causes vertigo?

The first thing to understand about vertigo is that there are three major sensory input mechanisms that are responsible for your balance. Those three areas are your eyes, your ears, and the upper part of your neck. Most people go to see an ENT when they start to feel dizzy or have so-called “vertigo attacks”. Usually most tests come back “negative”, the ENT tells you there is nothing wrong, and they refer you to a physical therapist and recommend that they perform the Epley Maneuver. You may have heard something about the little crystals in your ear being out of place. Sometimes this maneuver is successful, but only in the rare cases that the issue is actually with the crystals in your ear. When the maneuver doesn’t work, the patient is often dismissed with a devastating response like, “this is something you will have to live with forever”, or they admit that they don’t know what’s wrong with you. Luckily for you, that is simply not true! You do not have to live with vertigo forever. There is another solution.

Your neck is so important!!

Most people that are dealing with vertigo never think to get their neck checked out by a chiropractor. They usually only get their ears and eyes examined by an ENT or eye doctor. But your neck is usually the missing link when it comes to vertigo. It is a very important piece of the puzzle that often gets overlooked. When a patient comes into the office and I start to ask about their history and symptoms, usually they have had some sort of neck injury or issue before the vertigo began. This can be a car accident, a skiing accident, or simply a job that requires them to sit at a desk for 6 or more hours a day. These traumas, whether they are big impacts or small repetitive traumas, can damage the structures and soft tissue in your neck. When this happens, you can have altered movement in your head and neck that negatively affect your brain. This is where vertigo stems from.

We are experts of the neck and brain function

Since vertigo is a sensory input issue, wouldn’t it make sense to go see a doctor that specializes in sensory input disorder?. Here at Atlas Chiropractic of Boulder, that is exactly what we do. We use infrared thermography to check how your brain is functioning and we take biomechanical x-rays to see where the problem is in your neck. Once we know how the brain is functioning and where the problem is, we can start a tailored care plan for each individual. We are specialized in this region of your neck and take the time to provide you with the best care possible. Our procedure is very different from what you may be familiar with in terms of chiropractic care, and that is because we are specialized in this procedure.

How do we treat vertigo?

After collecting all the data from your initial exam, we can make a tailored care plan specifically for you. We know exactly when to adjust you, when not to adjust you, and where to adjust you. Adjustments to the upper part of the neck have a huge impact on the sensory information that goes to your brain. The specific adjustment that we perform essentially resets the brain. If you think about it, it’s similar to rebooting your computer when it gets glitchy. This allows you to be in a more restful, healing state. Over time, when your brain and body are functioning the way they are supposed to, your vertigo symptoms will start to go away. Not only do they go away temporarily, but this is a long-lasting solution to truly overcoming your vertigo symptoms. Since we are getting to the root of the problem, we are correcting the issue at the source rather than just covering up the symptom. Most of our patients start to see dramatic improvement in the first 3 weeks of treatment.

If you have been suffering from vertigo and you don’t know what to do, please reach out to our office to speak to one of our doctors. You can reach us at 303-442-5911 or simply fill out the webform below.

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