The American Chiropractic Association is all about using your body and getting it moving! Here are some of their tips on walking!

Walk it out:

According to the ACA walking for just 12 minutes a day can help in maintaining overall health. In order to get the maximum benefits from this simple yet effective exercise it is recommended that you try to walk for thirty minutes, five days a week. Even if done at a moderate pace (2 miles per hour), walking burns about eighty calories. Walking has shown to improve cardiovascular endurance and tone the muscles of the low body – an important note for those who are seated for most of the day working at offices and desks. By increasing your cardiovascular health, you can reduce your risk of heart disease through simply walking a little bit each day.

Where to walk:

Walking on a track that is lightly cushioned or rubberized tends to be easier on your joints and is ideal for those just beginning an exercise regime because the impact of walking is absorbed better by the surface. Track surfaces are also even and flat, if you walk on grass or on a trail there may be uneven holes and dips that are hard to see in the ground and can cause injury. Concrete and other paved surfaces are also not ideal for first time walkers due to the lack of cushion, all impact will be directly absorbed by your joints which can lead injury as well. Try looking for a recreation center or outdoor track to use, and if you walk outside be cognoscente of the trail or terrain you are on.

Pick the right shoe:

Try to pick shoes based on their functionality rather than by the way they look. Proper fitting shoes are paramount to injury prevention when starting an exercise plan, especially one that consists of being on your feet for the majority of the time. The balls of your feet should line up precisely where the toe crease is when you are walking. If you plan to walk on a less cushioned surface like concrete, make sure the shoes you choose have ample cushioning throughout the soles. Once you have walked approximately 300-500 miles, experts recommend getting a new pair.

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Dr. Cort Musolf, DC