Do I have vertigo?

Does it feel like the room is spinning?

Do computer screens and phones hurt your eyes?

Is laying down in a dark room the only way you can get relief?

You’re not alone. Millions of people deal with vertigo every year and it can be debilitating and really scary. Most people describe attacks as “coming out of nowhere.”

Unfortunately, there are very few options in western medicine for people suffering from vertigo. Usually medical doctors prescribe medication or send patients to a PT to do Epley’s Maneuver, but when those don’t work people are led to believe that this is something they have to just live with.

The good news is that is just simply not true, and we can help.


Vertigo symptoms are very common

Let me tell you a story about one of our patients, Amanda. Amanda is a mother of 2 and works part time. She has always been conscious of her health, but never considered herself a health nut.

One day after dropping her kids off at school, she was hit from behind while sitting at a red light. The other driver was not paying attention and hit her going 40 MPH. The airbags went off and the back of the car was completely crushed. Luckily Amanda was able to open the door and get out and she didn’t seem to have any serious injuries at the time, but felt very shaken up.

She wanted to make sure everything was ok so she went to the hospital. They took some x- rays and a general medical practitioner did an exam. Everything came back negative and she was told she could go home and to rest for a few days. The doctor prescribed her a couple of muscle relaxers and said to take them if the pain got bad.

Feeling relieved, she went home and did what the doctor told her to do. The next day she woke up with a stiff and sore neck, but nothing that seemed too bad. She was relieved that slowly over the next few days most of the initial soreness went away.

A month later she is grocery shopping and the room starts to spin. She can’t seem to get her balance and has to sit down. After a while she manages to get to her car and drive home, but she doesn’t feel well and is scared. She tries to manage the dizzy spells herself for a few weeks and realizes that she needs some help. She makes an appointment to go see the ENT doctor to see what is wrong. 

After a brief appointment with the ENT doctor, there doesn’t seem to be anything he deems “wrong” and they send her to go see a physical therapist. The physical therapist does Epley’s Maneuver to try to remove any crystals in Amanda’s ear. This helps a little bit, but she is still having vertigo and the attacks are becoming worse and more frequent. 

Where do you get help for vertigo?

At this point, Amanda is frustrated and scared. She starts wondering if this is something she is going to have to live with for the rest of her life! At 2:00 in the morning she decides to do a google search for “vertigo treatment in Boulder”. This is where she comes across our office, Atlas Chiropractic of Boulder. She is confused that we are chiropractors because, like most people, she thinks the chiropractor is for back pain. But, at this point she is desperate for help so she reads through the website a little more. She sees videos of other people that have the same story that she has! She checks the reviews and sees that we have over 300 five star reviews talking about all the people we have helped over the last 10 years. She decides to request an appointment, I mean what does she have to lose?

Now, this is where you’re going to see Amanda’s life drastically change. When she first comes in she is skeptical, but tentatively optimistic. We talk to her about her history and symptoms she is dealing with. We take specialized motion x-rays and thermal scans of her brain function. After all of the testing is over we schedule her for a follow up appointment where she gets her first treatment.

After one treatment, Amanda feels a lot better but the vertigo is not gone. Amanda sticks with the care plan and over a few months she no longer has any vertigo symptoms but, more importantly, she has her life back and no longer lives in fear that vertigo is going to be something she has to deal with.

You might be wondering how chiropractic could possibly help with vertigo. We get that question all the time! Well, just like medical doctors are trained in different specialties, there are different specialties in chiropractic. Our office specializes in neurological conditions, like vertigo, headaches, and neck pain. We only adjust the top of the neck because that area has the most influence on the brain and since vertigo is an issue with how your brain processes sensory information, we correct the nerve and sensory input to the brain.  

We have helped hundreds of people at Atlas Chiropractic get their life back. Does Amanda’s story sound familiar to you? If so please give us a call to speak directly to one of our doctors at 303-442-5911 or simply fill out the webform at the bottom of this page!