Does the room spin when you are walking? Are you feeling nervous about driving because you are scared you will get another dizzy spell? Has your dizziness caused you to cancel plans and miss out on family time or important events?

Many people suffer from vertigo and feel like there is no solution. When people first come into my office they often feel discouraged and hopeless. They tell me that they have “tried everything” and there is nothing left to do. They may have even been told they “just have to live with it” or that it’s all in their head.

Luckily I know that none of those things are true. In fact, I have heard this so many times that it doesn’t even phase me anymore when I hear people say it. If you are reading this, nodding your head, and feel like this applies to you, let me be the first to tell you that there is hope. You do not have to live like this forever.

Most people don’t know that there’s a certain type of chiropractic that is very effective in treating vertigo. Just like in medicine, chiropractors can specialize in certain types of techniques that help different types of conditions. Just like you would go to a neurologist for a brain issue and an orthopedist for a fracture. The best chiropractic specialty for treating vertigo is called upper cervical chiropractic. This is what we do at Atlas Chiropractic.

“Upper cervical” simply means adjusting the top of the neck (your cervical spine). The top part of your neck is very important when it comes to how your nervous system works because that is where your brain communicates with the rest of your body. I have found that people who have issues with the way their neck moves (whether you realize it or not) very often also struggle with vertigo. 

 A lot of people search Google for solutions for their vertigo. A common thing that people try is the Epley Maneuver, which is meant for moving the crystals in their inner ear to help alleviate their vertigo. This sometimes helps if the crystals are the issue that is causing the dizziness, but that is not always the case. When that doesn’t work, most people are given medication and told there is nothing more that can be done. They are dismissed from the doctor because they have no other solutions or suggestions.  This is usually around the time that people continue searching for vertigo relief and end up finding Atlas Chiropractic. I would say 70-80% of the patients I see today originally came in with complaints of vertigo. This is the most common reason people come to my office.

Like I said earlier, when people first come into my office, they are feeling overwhelmed and very often hopeless. The best part of my job is when I get to tell people that there is another option for their vertigo and that they do not have to live with this forever. That is when I see hope start to come back in their face and I am so grateful to offer something that can help them in a safe and natural way.

What it looks like to start care at Atlas Chiropractic

Once you decide that you want to become a patient at Atlas Chiropractic, the first thing we need to do is an initial exam. We will take a thorough history of your health, do some advanced testing and take biomechanical x-rays. The most important test we will be performing is called Infrared Thermography. This painless tool allows us to see how your sympathetic nervous system is functioning to determine when you need to be adjusted. While you are under care, it is essential to monitor your progress and understand when you need to be adjusted as well as when you do NOT need to be adjusted. Yes, there will be times that you come into the office and do not get adjusted. This is just as important as the adjustment itself.

After all the initial testing is done, we will come up with a tailored care plan specific to you and your body. Most people start to see drastic improvements in the first 3-4 weeks, but of course this varies from person to person. Most people report a 80-90% improvement in their vertigo once they are done with their initial care plan! This is pretty incredible considering these people have been told there is nothing that can be done. Upper cervical chiropractic is often the answer.

Are you suffering from vertigo?

If you are suffering from vertigo or dizziness, let me be the first to tell you that you do not have to suffer any longer! There is hope and I promise that you have NOT “tried everything”. We can help you in a safe, natural, effective way. To talk with one of our doctors for a FREE 15 minute consultation simply call 303-442-5911 or fill out the webform below. To see our many, many vertigo success stories, please read any of our 300+ 5-star Google reviews or click here.