Can you detox your lungs?

A question I got recently from an instagram user was, “Is there any way to detox your lungs with holistic methods.” And my response to that was… of course! In more detail, the simple answer is yes and the complicated answer is that lungs are self cleaning organs that will begin to clear out once they are no longer exposed to toxins and pollutants anymore. 

Studies even show that the lungs can make an almost full recovery after smoking cigarettes or other substances. For cigarettes is can take a little while for your body to work out the tar and chemicals that build up in the lungs. When smoking more natural substances like herbal rolls or cannabis the process is a little quicker! 

How do you reduce toxin loads on the lungs?

The key is to make certain changes in your home/lifestyle to support the lungs. Most of these are simple detox methods and can be done in your home right now! Some may take purchasing or a little more preparation. I have listed 10 of my favorite easy lung detox techniques below:

    • In through the nose and out through the nose
    • Mouth breathing doesn’t give your body time to warm or filter air adequately
    • You want your belly to expand first and completely fill up, with the lungs following behind
    • Box breathing or alternate nostril breathing
    • This is probably the most important one – open some windows in your home and get outside into truly fresh air as much as possible
    • Expanding that lung tissue makes the little air sacs in there called alveoli strong and healthy 
    • It also gets nutrients flowing to the tissues and increases your oxygen capacity for easier breathing
    • This is a great investment for anyone who works from home or who has an older house… maybe with lots of carpet or dust 
    • Fragrances are toxins! Get rid of them straight up. No plug ins, scented candles, febreze – none of it
    • Instead, try using…
    • Peppermint, eucalyptus, tea tree, lemon, rosemary – all good ones for respiratory health and diffusion
    • Some brands like Plant Therapy and doTERRA even have respiratory targeted blends like Respir Support – Plant Therapy, and Breathe – doTERRA 
    • Staying hydrated helps flush out mucus and other unwanted toxins in the body
    • When you’re dehydrated you’re effectively gunked up and your body has a harder time removing those waste products
    • You guys already know there is no system in the body that is not affected by the nervous system and that includes the respiratory system! 
    • Chiropractic adjustments have been proven to improve respiratory health, breathing capacity, and well as symptoms of asthma 
  • ACUPUNCTURE (visit our page)
    • detoxifies the organ systems, including lungs, by clearing out stagnation
    •  Make sure house filters are clean, remove dust, wash items with fabrics and carpets
    • The more frequently this can be done the easier it becomes as a task


Ultimately, there is no magic supplement, superfood, or pill that can detox your lungs. The important things to do are to make the little lifestyle changes that will pay off big in the long term. A holistic lung detox may not be a trendy or popular thing right now, but taking care of your lungs is always a good idea, especially when you can be proactive about it. 

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