Holistic Treatment in Boulder, CO for Headaches and Sinus Pain

Sinus pain and heachaches are common ailments, especially if you live in a cold, dry environment in the winter like Boulder, Colorado. In fact, it’s estimated that about 30 million people are affected by sinusitis or sinus pain every year and about 45 million people complain of headaches. And that’s just those who complain!

If you’ve ever gone to your PCP or medical doctor before you might have noticed there isn’t much they can do for a headache or sinus pain besides use a pain reliever or antibiotic. But, neither of those are really getting to the root of the problem. Many people who don’t find relief with medication or who don’t want to take them end up searching for holistic treatments for head and sinus pain. That’s where we come in!

Adjustments, Acupuncture, and Muscle Work Can Help!

Unfortunately, many people do not know that chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture, and muscle work can help headaches and sinus pain. And we get it, it’s one of those things you have to experience for yourself to know how well it works. We even have patients that will be coming in for a different condition, such as back pain, and mention having weekly headaches not knowing that we can help!

Our office specializes in getting people moving and feeling better so they can live the life they desire. We especially love working with head and neck conditions and have very high success rates (not to toot our own horns)!

The Atlas Chiropractic of Boulder Team:

Our Upper Cervical Specialist in Boulder, CO:

Each of the doctors at our Boulder chiropractic office has a unique style of treating. We have an upper cervical specialist who only adjusts the upper neck – you can read more about her adjusting style and philosophy or schedule a consultation with her here: Dr. Alison Bremner’s page! 

Our Holistic Chiropractor and Chiropractic Acupuncturist in Boulder, CO:

Another one of our Boulder chiropractors uses a wide range of techniques – from adjustments, to muscle work and even acupuncture – to help her patients. She also has a lot of different adjusting techniques she uses in case you’re nervous about the typical manual adjustment. You can read more about her here: Dr. Colby Wilson’s Page!

Our Full Spine Boulder Chiropractor:

Our third and final Boulder Chiropractor is Dr. Cort Musolf! Dr. Cort also has very high success rates when treating headaches and sinus pain. To read more about Dr. Cort and his style of adjusting you can check out his Boulder Chiropractor page here: Dr. Cort’s Page!

Still not sure if you want to make an appointment with us? 

Here’s a review from one of our patients who was terrified to see a chiropractor (we’re not scary I promise!) but gave in because her headaches were so bad: 


Patient Testimonial: From Headaches for Years to Headache Free!

“I love this place!  I drive 30 minutes to see Dr. Colby and it’s worth it every time.  It took me 40 years to try a chiropractor and I’m so glad it was Dr. Colby I was referred to. Her vibe is warm and knowledgeable, and I am completely comfortable in her capable hands.  I was having regular headaches for years, and since seeing Dr. Colby, I have had no tension headaches. One of the reasons I chose her is because she also does acupuncture, which combined with the adjustments, really sets me up for success in my body.  No headaches, help with allergies, increased flexibility, better outcomes from different kinds of workouts…who could ask for anything more! Make your appointment!!”

She’s one of our most loyal patients now and wishes she would have seen a chiropractor sooner!

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