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Does Chiropractic Help With Headaches?

I get this question all the time.  Can Chiropractic help with headaches? The short answer is YES, Chiropractic is a great option if you are suffering from headaches.  You may be wondering how it works.  How can getting a chiropractic adjustment help get rid of headaches?  Let me explain.   Chiropractic Can Help With Headaches […]

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Are My Headaches Related To My Neck Pain?

  Have you ever said, ” I just have normal headaches?”   If so, this article is for YOU.  First of all, there is no such thing as a “normal” headache.  What people mean when they say normal is common.  But just because something is common does not make it normal. Have you ever thought about […]

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Cervical Radiculopathy

What Is Cervical Radiculopathy? Cervical radiculopathy is when the nerve roots in the neck get inflamed and cause symptoms such as numbness, altered reflexes, or weakness, may radiate anywhere from the neck into the shoulder, arm, hand, or fingers.  If you have numbness or pain in your hands or arms it could be coming from […]

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Proper Lifting To Avoid A Back Injury

Preventing Back Pain When Moving When you buy or sell a house, most likely you will have to move your belongings.  Whether you hire people or convince your 5 best friends to help you, it is a lot of work. Sometimes you try to get it done as fast as possible. Unfortunately, it is easy […]

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Chiropractor Boulder CO

Are you looking for a Chiropractor in Boulder?  Most likely you googled “Chiropractor near me” or “Chiropractor in Boulder” and google sent you to this page.  If you have checked out our reviews you know that people love to come to our office.  I would love to tell you why people have such a great […]

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Tension Headache Treatment

Do you feel like you have tried everything to get relief from your neck pain or your headaches?  You are not alone, millions of Americans deal with neck pain and headaches. They spend billions of dollars on treatments that only brings them temporary relief. Temporary Relief For Tension Headaches: The main reason that drugs and […]

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