The arrival of a newborn brings a somewhat suffocating wave of lifestyle changes, emotional changes, and physical changes. While a new baby can be an exciting time, there is one part of the postpartum journey that is pushed to the side and not talked about enough. Yes, there is a little pamphlet that most moms receive that touches on signs of postpartum depression, but there is not enough actual conversation taking place about the postpartum period and emotional stability. While ridding of this common experience completely is highly unlikely, there are ways that might help alleviate some of these challenges. One intriguing avenue of care is working to regulate the nervous system, and that is what the doctors at Atlas Chiropractic of Boulder, a woman-owned clinic, strive to do. 

Understanding Baby Blues

Most women have heard of postpartum depression (which should be taken seriously), but what exactly are the baby blues? Characteristically, those who experience baby blues generally survive through a period of mood swings, uncontrollable tearfulness, and anxiety–however, each person’s experience is different. These feelings often appear within a few days after the birth of a child and are attributed to the fluctuation in hormones, sleep deprivation, and the other seemingly endless profound changes that accompany being a postpartum mother. I have to make it absolutely clear that if you or someone you know feel as if something deeper is wrong, do not hesitate to seek out help because you know your body and you deserve to be heard and cared for.

I am here to say, that our clinic is a safe space to ask questions if you have them, and if we cannot answer them with confidence, then we can provide further guidance. While I am not an obstetrician-gynecologist (OB/GYN), I am a healthcare professional that is passionate about providing the best education and care I can to all those I come across.

The Role of Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care:

So, how can we help with your emotions during your postpartum experience? The type of care we provide, called upper cervical chiropractic care, is a specialized branch of chiropractic that focuses on the alignment of the upper neck. Through restoring alignment in the neck, our main focus is to help maintain a balanced nervous system. By promoting a well-functioning nervous system, the regulation of mood and emotions and overall well-being has a higher likelihood of being achieved. 

Another method that the upper cervical adjustment can aid in lessening the burden of baby blues is through stress relief. Chiropractic can reduce stress in the body by calming down the sympathetic nervous system (SNS), which many know as the fight or flight response. When the body is in an increased state of stress for a prolonged period of time, this special part of the nervous system may be chronically activated, which may lead to the production of symptoms in various systems of the body. When the SNS is overactivated it can lead to elevated blood pressure and heart rate, increased stress hormones, and many other factors that have the ability to affect one’s emotional state and overall well-being. By relieving the nerve interference that takes place when there is a misalignment in the upper cervical spine, the likelihood of restoring balance within the SNS and avoiding overactivity increases.

Lastly, another way that the upper cervical adjustment can aid in bettering one’s emotional state and overall well-being is through the promotion of better sleep. Many of us know that when we get quality sleep, our emotions tend to be more regulated. As new parents, sleepless nights are bound to come and this lack of sleep can lead to headaches, irritability, emotional instability, and in fact, overactivity of the SNS that was mentioned earlier. By working to balance the nervous system and improve the communication between the brain and body, chiropractic adjustments promote the improvement of the nerve signals that occur between the brain and the body for the sleep-wake cycles.

Taking the step…

As a woman-owned clinic with a doctor that is a mother herself, we want to be there for women who might feel alone and unheard. Pregnancy and parenthood are scary and we want to be a path of communication that you can feel safe taking. Despite emotional struggles being a common part of the postpartum experience, there are still methods that can be tried to lessen the burden it has on the body and the new-parent journey. Upper cervical chiropractic care offers a natural and holistic approach to supporting emotional well-being and overall wellness during this delicate time. By prioritizing the balancing of the nervous system, these Boulder chiropractors stand in solidarity with women and strive to provide a space of solace and healing. Give us a call at 303-442-5911 and let’s have a conversation about you and your health.