Atlas Chiropractic of Boulder has been serving the Boulder area for 10 years. Did you know that we are women owned and operated? Did you know that Dr. Alison Bremner  the office from another female Chiropractor Dr. Erin Elster. She was in practice for 15 years before she sold the office to Dr. Bremner. That means the office has been female owned for 25 years!!

Recently we brought on our new doctor, Colby Wilson. She graduated from Parker University in Texas. Dr. Wilson got into Chiropractic because she was passionate about helping women with their health issues. This is why she decided to get a Masters in Functional Nutrition along with a doctorate in Chiropractic. Dr. Wilson specializes in full spine adjusting, trigger point therapy, cupping, nutrition counseling, and chiropractic acupuncture. She utilizes a number of techniques in her adjustments including diversified, activator, Thompson drop, and SOT. 

Women are 20-30% more likely to be misdiagnosed and often have their problems dismissed by health professionals. This is especially true with those struggling with autoimmune disease or menstrual problems. Women are also more likely to struggle with migraines, brain fog and fibromyalgia.


Atlas Chiropractic Of Boulder Is Different From Most Medical Offices

We take the time to listen to you and give you recommendations based on the health problems you are struggling with. We come up with a specific plan for you and are there every step of the way.  We have multiple modalities in the office including: Chiropractic, acupuncture, cupping, and nutrition to help you get the best results possible.

Are you tired of your medical doctor not listening to you or even worse telling you that it is all in your head!?

We know that can be super frustrating and very dis-empowering.  If you have been told that you are “just going to have to live with it” please give us a call.  You can speak directly to Dr. Wilson or Dr. Bremner.  They will tell you if we can help you or what office to go to if we can’t. 

To reach the office call 303-442-5911 or simply fill out the web form below. 

About Atlas Chiropractic of Boulder
At Atlas Chiropractic of Boulder we are not only concerned about your symptoms, but also you as a person and what is important to you. We know that not everyone’s the same and not everyone has the same goals. It is important to us that we present a chiropractic care plan that works for you and is tailored to you and your health concerns.

We’re a specialty Boulder Chiropractor focused on back pain, neck painvertigo, and migraine headaches. Our patients visit our Boulder office from all over Northern Colorado, including, Longmont, Erie, Superior, Lafayette, Niwot, Louisville, Broomfield, and Denver, Colorado.

Contact Atlas Chiropractic of Boulder today to schedule a free evaluation. Specialized upper cervical chiropractic care is by no means a “hail Mary” solution, but if you haven’t been to Atlas Chiropractic, you’re nowhere close to running out of options.