Over the last 10 years, I have had many people ask me a lot of questions about health. I have even had people ask me if chiropractic actually works. I am always surprised by that question because how could I stay in business for over 10 years if it didn’t work?

I really think it comes down to people being disappointed in how they are treated when they are having a health issue.  Most of the time it takes FOREVER to get in to see a doctor and then when you finally see them, the appointment is 5 minutes and you leave with a script for medication and no real answers. Then when the problem comes back or gets worse they think nothing can be done and this is something they are going to “have to live with.”  How dis-empowering is that!?  When someone suggests chiropractic they think “if this really worked my medical doctor would have told me about this”. That is usually not true. Most of the time medical doctors are assuming that the patient is coming in for medication or to make sure there is not a major problem that would need surgery.  It never occurs to them that people might want another option.

How Does Chiropractic work?

Chiropractic works on the knowledge that your body is a self-healing mechanism.  As Chiropractors, we are concerned with how your body functions, not just the pain or symptoms you are feeling.  Your spine protects one of the most crucial systems in your body, your nervous system.  When your spine doesn’t move correctly that can lead to pain such as lower back pain, mid back pain, neck pain, or headaches.  Our job is to get those “stuck” joints moving properly and regain your function.


How Does Chiropractic Help Pain?

The truth about pain is that it is just a warning that something is wrong.  Your body sends a message to your brain that something is not properly functioning.  Then your brain process that message and interprets it as pain.  This is why only focusing on pain, especially with medication, will NEVER make you well or fix your function.  Taking pain medication is like putting a piece of tape over your check engine light.  You no longer see the light, but you didn’t do anything to actually fix the problem.

Atlas Chiropractic of Boulder Would Love To Help You

We have been helping people in the Boulder community for over 10 years.  We have over 250 five-star reviews from people that have been helped by our doctors.  If you are dealing with a health issue like back pain, neck pain, or headaches please give us a call and we can set up a no-risk FREE consultation.  We listen to every person and find the right care for you.  Give us a call: 303-442-5911.

About Atlas Chiropractic of Boulder
At Atlas Chiropractic of Boulder we are not only concerned about your symptoms, but also you as a person and what is important to you. We know that not everyone’s the same and not everyone has the same goals. It is important to us that we present a chiropractic care plan that works for you and is tailored to you and your health concerns.

We’re a specialty Boulder Chiropractor focused on back pain, neck painvertigo, and migraine headaches. Our patients visit our Boulder office from all over Northern Colorado, including, Longmont, Erie, Superior, Lafayette, Niwot, Louisville, Broomfield, and Denver, Colorado.