I get this question all the time.  Can Chiropractic help with headaches? The short answer is YES, Chiropractic is a great option if you are suffering from headaches.  You may be wondering how it works.  How can getting a chiropractic adjustment help get rid of headaches?  Let me explain.


Chiropractic Can Help With Headaches

If you are suffering from tension headaches you know that they can cause pain that stops you in your tracks.  Many times these headaches can be caused by lack of motion in your neck.  Have you noticed that you have lost some range of motion in your neck?  Does your neck feel “crunchy”?  Do you also have neck pain? When your neck doesn’t move the way it is supposed to it can lead to tension in your head and cause a headache.  This lack of motion in your neck also disrupts the firing of nerves to the brain which signals pain.  The reason medication is a temporary solution is because it only blocks the pain signals.  If you want a long-lasting solution you must correct the root cause.

Let me tell you a story about Jack.  Jack is a father of 2 and owns a huge digital marketing company.  He had suffered from neck pain and headaches for years.  He tried all kinds of things to get rid of the pain.  Jack took medication, got massages, did yoga, and never got the results he was looking for.  Sometimes he would have to lay down with the lights off in his office at work, just so he could get through the day.  The worst part of it all was when he got home he was so tired and in so much pain that he couldn’t play with his kids.  He felt like he was letting them down.  At this point, he knew he had to find a solution.

Luckily at the time, Jack worked in the office next to mine.  One day he walked in and asked “can you help me?”  I looked at him straight in the eye and said yes. We started right away.  I did a thought exam, history, and specialized x-rays to find out what the underlining problem was.  Like so many people, Jack had a problem with the way his neck was moving.  This was causing all kinds of pain and headaches.  Over the next few weeks, Jack got better and better.

Now Jack had less pain and more energy!  The best part is now when he comes home he has the energy to play with his kids and isn’t in constant pain.  This is just one of the hundreds of stories I hear all the time.  I would like you to hear Jack tell his story in his own words.  Check out his video!


WOW!  Great story right?!

Does this story resonate with you?  Are you tired of taking medication that only temporarily takes away the pain?  Do you want a long-lasting solution?  If so, Atlas Chiropractic of Boulder is the office for you.

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