Are you skeptical of Chiropractic or have no idea what a Chiropractor does? 

So was I before I had my first experience with one.

When I was in high school I had my first experience with a Chiropractor. I was playing Varsity Volleyball and I came down on one of the other team’s foot and badly sprained my ankle. I was really bummed because we had a very important game in a week. One of my teammates told me I should go to her Chiropractor to help recover faster so I could play in the important game.

I thought this was the most ridiculous suggestion I have ever heard. However, I would do just about anything to get better so I could play. What is the worst that can happen?

What happens during a chiropractic adjustment?

The chiropractor took my ankle, which was the size of a softball and adjusted it! I waited for the intense pain, but it never came. He did some more adjustments and some soft tissue work on me. After the appointment was over I walked out of there feeling amazing and I was able to play a week later.

At the time I did not understand how it worked. I just knew that when I would go to him I would feel better and was able to heal from my injuries faster. My loving family called him the “Witch Doctor.”

Now being a Chiropractor I wonder if anyone calls me that!?

The truth is Chiropractic is not magic or voodoo. The real science in Chiropractic is that the adjustment helps to restore correct biomechanics in your joints and that restores correct neurological function. Throughout your life, you have had trauma. Whether that is a big trauma like a car accident or repetitive microtrauma like working at a computer and sitting all day. The result of this is your body produces scar tissue to help secure the damaged area.


Scar tissue can lead to neck pain and headaches

The problem with scar tissue is your start to lose the way your body is meant to move. This lack of movement can lead to the misfiring of nerves to and from the brain. An adjustment helps break down this scar tissue over time and then restore proper nervous system function.

At Atlas Chiropractic, we take the time to listen to you and figure out exactly where the problem is and how to fix it.  Check out this video for a more in-depth look at what we do in the office.  

I hope this helps you understand what Chiropractic does and how it can help people dealing with a chronic health issue like neck pain, headaches, vertigo, or back pain.

Would you like to talk with me about what’s been going on with you? Would you like to find a solution for your neck pain, back pain, headaches, or sleep issues?

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