Every day in the practice I listen to the stories of my patients. Time and time again I hear them tell me about all the doctors they’ve seen, the MRI’s they’ve been run through, and the prescriptions they’ve been taking. Inevitably, their doctors all tell them the same thing; “You’re just going to have to live with it.” I can only imagine the hopelessness this diagnosis must bring on. To be told that there is no other option—and that your body simply does not respond to drugs or prescriptions, and therefore you will have to live with your symptoms—is a diagnosis of failure and permanent distress. Nothing frustrates me more than when I meet a person and they have essentially given up on getting better. They have been told repeatedly that “this pill” or “this surgery” should alleviate their pain, but when they are left still seeking that relief, they inevitably lose hope.

The truth is that pills and surgeries can do nothing more than treat a symptom of a greater issue. Treating an individual with something outside of the body (ex. Advil, surgery) is only applicable if the body is suffering from a deficiency in that particular area. The body cannot suffer from a deficiency of pain killers, or any other prescription drug. Masking a symptom is not a treatment. The human body is an amazing work of art, and it is capable of healing itself.

If you think of your body as a whole unit, you have to ask yourself what controls everything in your body; what is the master control system? The answer is your nervous system; your brain stem and your nerves that go throughout your body. They control it all. So what does this have to do with setting the body up to heal itself?

Let’s take a look at an analogy: Imagine a race car. It has all the latest and greatest technology and mechanics built into it to make it win. The car is faster than the rest, and handles better than the rest. But what if the driver is a fifteen year old with a learner’s permit? The car will lose the race. The mechanics look at it, and they run diagnostics, and they try changing the tires and the fuel, but the driver stays the same. The car loses again. The fact is that it does not matter how much you treat the car, the car is being controlled and operated by the driver, and a fifteen year old driver makes errors. It is the same with your body. Taking pills and subjecting the body to surgery is not a solution. You have to treat your master control system. You have to ensure that your brain stem is capable of “driving the car,” and sometimes, it’s not.

As an upper cervical chiropractor in Boulder,  I have the opportunity to help people by ensuring that their brain stem is functioning properly. If it is not, then we gradually correct it. My patients understand that their body can only function at its full potential if their nervous system is operating properly. Once they realize how much control they have in this, and when they see and feel the results, it is an overwhelming sense of empowerment. They are no longer hopeless. For the first time, realize that this is not something that they are “just going to have to live with.”


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