If you are reading this most likely you or someone you know is dealing with vertigo.  You may have tried “everything” or you may just want some information on this debilitating issue.
Every day in my office I talk to people who have been struggling with vertigo.  Many times they have been to several Doctors and have spent thousands of dollars with little or no results.  Some have even been told “this is something you will just have to live with.” Something that they don’t know is there is HOPE and there is a solution.  Most of the time people try to chase the symptom without trying to find the cause.  That can lead to frustration and ultimately no result.  Here is what I have found to be the 4 most common mistakes when dealing with vertigo:

  1. Just taking a medication

I am not saying all medication is bad.  In fact taking a medication for a temporary solution is the correct way to use medication. If you are dizzy because you are on a boat caught in a storm, taking an over-the-counter medication like Dramamine makes perfect sense.  Once you are off the boat and out of the storm your world will no longer be spinning because the cause has been eliminated.  If you are taking a medication when you are having vertigo and you don’t know why, all you are doing is covering up the symptom.  The underlying problem that is causing you to be dizzy still remains and will come back.

  1. Do nothing, it might just go away

I see this all the time in the office.  I will have someone come in to the office who has been struggling with vertigo for over a year.  At first they had just one quick flash of vertigo.  Then it lasted a day, then a week, and now they have to take time off work because they cannot function anymore.  The truth is, you have to lose 60% of your body’s function before you ever notice your first symptom.  What that means is when you have your first episode of vertigo, you already have lost 60% of function.  Most likely, your symptoms will get worse and last longer.   The longer you wait, the longer it can take to fix.

  1. Only get your ears checked

It is true that some types of vertigo can be caused by crystals that build up in your ears.  There are different positions that you can use to have the crystals drain such as the Epley maneuver or repositioning maneuver.  This is a maneuver used to treat benign paroxysmal positional vertigo.  While this treatment is very successful in specific cases, not all vertigo is caused by particles in the inner ear.  This brings us to our final mistake people usually make if they haven’t found a solution for their vertigo.

  1. Not having an expert check your nervous system and brain

This is especially true if you have a history of trauma, such as: as car accident, skiing accident or minor head trauma.  Many of my patients have had some sort of trauma in the past.  Sometimes it was a couple days ago and sometimes and was years ago.  What happens in cases where people have trauma to their head and neck is something called sensory mismatch.  What that means is the sensory information that is going to your brain is not matching up with the world you are seeing.  Balance is dictated by three sensory inputs: Your ears, eyes, and upper portion of your neck.  If one of those three inputs is not giving you proper information then you can experience vertigo. This is where our office comes in.  We are experts in checking nervous system and brain function.  Most people have had their eyes and ears checked and they are still experiencing vertigo.  In our office we use specialized infrared thermography and biomechanical x-rays to assess the function of your brain.  What we have found is that people who have an improperly functioning nervous system often can experience vertigo.  Once we correct the sensory information to the brain the world stops spinning.
You may be wondering, “if this procedure works so well why haven’t I heard about it?!”  The truth is, our office is small and works with a select amount of patients.  We do not have a huge advertising budget like the pharmaceutical industry has.
I know you may be skeptical, as you may have tried many different things to get better.  To make sure this office is the right place for you, I am offering you a FREE consultation with one of our Doctors here at Atlas Chiropractic of Boulder.  All you have to do is fill out your name and e-mail on the right side of this page or call the office to schedule an appointment 303-442-5911.
p.s If this is not the right office for you I am certain we can find another provider to help you.  The only goal we have at our office is for you to get better and get back to being you.  I look forward to seeing you soon and finding a solution for your vertigo.

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