I want to take a moment and share a story with you.  This is a story about a good friend of mine, Roger.  Roger was always an active, charismatic individual who truly seemed to love life.  Roger was on the football team in high school, but interestingly enough loved drama and acting.  Roger lived in two different worlds in high school, juggling two different social networks.  He was never the most gifted student, but always found time to get school work done, usually finding himself in the “B” range.
One day while rehearsing for the school play, some less than crafty stage work gave way as Roger was reciting lines.  He fell about 10 feet, hitting his head while trying to brace the fall.  He was knocked on conscious, and after a trip to the emergency room was diagnosed with a concussion.  This was the point that Roger’s life took a drastic change.
Depression is a mood disorder that causes a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest. Anxiety disorders, such as PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder), social phobia, generalized anxiety disorder and panic disorder often accompany depression.  The fall that Roger took during rehearsal caused a shift in his brain chemistry, causing him to fall into a deep depression.  Roger went from psychologist to psychiatrist looking for answers, but was increasingly frustrated that the only course of action was heavy medication.
Over the course of six months, he had a drastic decrease in energy, desire to be with his friends, and his grades began to slip into the “D” range.  Roger was becoming increasingly frustrated and losing hope that anyone could help him get better.  Luckily a friend of the family had heard of a clinic in Boulder that helped people’s depression and anxiety disorders.  They practice a procedure called upper cervical specific, helping many people across the country suffering from severe mood disorders without the use of drugs or surgery.
After six weeks of care, Roger was beginning to get his life back on track.  He had more energy day after day, and was able to get his grades into the “C” range.  At this point, football season was 8 weeks away, and Roger was able to begin training without any symptoms.  If left untreated, who knows what would have happened to this once active, social person who had his life changed by a head injury.  Please, take a moment to share this message with someone you know who is suffering from depression or anxiety.  You could be the reason they finally find the answers they have been looking for.


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