If you have ever been in a car accident or have known someone who was in a car accident; sometimes they feel fine right after the crash. Why is that? Unfortunately most people go to the emergency room (sometimes not even that) get an x-ray and some pain pills, diagnose them with “whiplash“, and are on their way. Many people are surprised that they are not in more pain and they feel “fine”.
Your body is amazing, and functions to always protect you. When something traumatic happens to your body, like a car accident, the sympathy nervous system (that fight or flight) mechanism kicks in and makes you superman for a moment. So many chemicals and neurotransmitters are released to take on the intense experience you are having. Endorphins help mask the pain and are designed to help you get away if you had to.
During a car accident you can sustain numerous soft tissue injuries. That means that there is damage done to the muscles, tendons, or ligaments. A car accident going at only 12mph is enough to generate force causing a soft tissue injury. Most of these injuries lead to pain, numbness, and soreness. Sometimes it can take days, weeks, or months to feel any symptoms. Also a soft tissue injury cannot be seen on x-ray.
The way your body heals from a soft tissue injury is to stabilize the damaged area with scar tissue. This tissue is dense and fibrous, not as elastic as the original. This leads to hypomobility (lack of movement). Here is the really bad news: hypormobility interferes with the way the body functions. Humans were designed to move and movement is important for how the nervous system functions.   There are receptors in the joints that give information to and from the brain. This constant communication from your body up the nerves, to the brain, and back down again is known as your nervous system. When you don’t have correct function of your nervous system it can lead to all kinds of problems. Not only can the body be in a chronic pain loop, but you can also have numbness, dizziness, brain fog, and many other symptoms. Unfortunately a car accident can be the catalyst for improper nervous system function. Many people that have had a car accident can slowly (sometimes years) develop problems.
In my office the most common injury I see that leads to a nervous system problem is a car accident. Most of the time when a new patient comes into my office they say something like: “Ever since that car accident I haven’t been the same” Sometimes it is a sever car accident and sometimes it can be a little finder bender. Remember it only takes a 12 mph impact to damage the soft tissue.
Time for the good news…. Yay! The body can heal and it wants to be healthy. In my office I check the function of the nervous system using computerized infrared thermography. If there is a problem with the function of your nervous system, I correct it and allow the body to heal. Patients in my office get phenomenal results once their nervous system is working at 100%.
If you or someone you love has had a car accident, even a minor one please have them get their nervous system checked. What do you have to lose? Don’t wait until you can barely function. Have your nervous system checked now so that you can go on living the life you truly desire.


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