Newspaper Interview!
When I first took over this practice in April 2012 I was so excited to have a busy practice and help a lot of people with severe health problems.  Because of the kind of specialty that I do, many patients come from all over Colorado and from neighboring states.  I was surprised to see a patient who traveled all the way from Norway.  I thought, wow, it’s really exciting that this person cares so much about her health that she is willing to travel all this way for treatment.
As I got to know Monica, she told me that a lot of Norwegians have similar issues that she had and were not getting better with the treatment they were receiving.  So one day she asked me if I would be willing to travel to Norway and talk about Upper Cervical Chiropractic.  One of my passions, besides helping people, is traveling and learning about other cultures.  So, I agreed to speak there at a health conference in early August.
I had no idea what to expect.  I knew that there was a lot of interest in Upper Cervical, but I didn’t know if there would be some opposition, or even some flat out angry practitioners who thought I was some sort of an American bully trying to boss the world around.
I prepared my speech, got all of my equipment ready, and got on the plane feeling a mix of excitement and nervousness.  The flight was 15 hours from Denver to Norway, with a couple of stops along the way.  Unfortunately I missed my connection in Amsterdam and had to stay in the airport for 8 hours!  I thought, well this isn’t a very good start to my trip! I finally landed in Sandforjd, extremely tired and hungry.  Monica picked me up from the airport and I could barely stay awake, let alone talk. You can imagine what happened next…I ate some food and passed out.
We had a very busy schedule.  I flew into the east coast and we drove to the west coast, which is only 5 hours.  The conference was in Haugesund.  We arrived and I got ready for my newspaper interview.  I was still a bit jetlagged and was doing my best to hide it.  Everyone was so excited to meet me and was looking forward to my talk the following day.
Monica and Sigmund (my current patients) may be the best PR people I have ever worked with.  They have told their story of healing to just about everyone who would listen.  Sigmund would introduce me as his hero, and I would blush a bit and say, “nice to meet you.”  Everyone had a good understanding of English and could speak conversationally, but would always apologize that their English wasn’t good enough.  After a long day of meet and greets and going to dinner with the leader of the neck trauma organization, it was time to get some sleep and get ready for the next day’s talk.
I was so excited to wake up and get ready for my speech.  I am one of those weird people who gets a high out of public speaking.  It reminds me of right before a big game, butterflies in your stomach, but pure excitement at the same time.  I had my presentation set up and my microphone ready.  Right before the presentation started, a well-dressed man came on stage to tell me that he was glad I was here and to say good luck before my talk.  I didn’t really know who he was until Monica had explained that he was the prime minister of health for Norway.  Well good thing, because I might have gotten distracted or would’ve looked really nervous if I knew that before hand!
I let Monica and Sigmund introduce me and explained a little bit about why they had come for treatment and how it had helped them.  It was all in Norwegian, so I can’t really be sure what they were saying.  I gave a 45 min talk, giving the very basics of how care works and the importance of the nervous system.  At the end, I left time for questions.  At first there were no questions, just silence…I was a little worried that no one understood the talk or they didn’t like what they heard.  Then, the first hand went up, then the second, then the third, and many more.
They were listening and asking very specific questions.  This went on for a half hour.  Everyone was really interested and they wanted to know more.  We had to cut off the questions because we were late for our dinner meeting with the other people at the conference.  We invited everyone to come back the next day if they wanted to get scanned or ask me any more questions.
The next day we planned to go hiking after we talked to some people at the conference.  I thought it would just be a few people so I put on my hiking clothes so we could leave straight from the conference.  Lo and behold, there were around 45 to 50 people who wanted to get scanned and ask questions.  I felt a little unprofessional in my Brooks long sleeve work out shirt and headband, but they didn’t seem to mind.
2 hours later I had talked to everyone who had questions and had scanned everyone who had asked.  I heard lots of stories about car accidents and head traumas.  There were so many people who have been suffering with pain, numbness, and severe headaches for years.  Some people haven’t been able to work or have been so tired that they don’t have any joy in their lives any more.  Most of them have tried all the medications, even had surgery with little or no results and were frustrated and have given up that they can’t be helped.  These are the same stories I hear every day in my office.
At the end of the scanning, Alf Edvin Hovda, the leader of the conference came over to talk to me.  He was so pleased with the interest in my presentation that he invited me back next year to be the headline speaker.  It felt really good that people were so interested in learning about upper cervical Chiropractic and wanted to get treatment.  At the same time it was hard because I know not everyone would be able to come to Boulder for care, it just wasn’t possible.
As of now, we have some patients who will start care at the end of August and the middle of September.  I am excited and humbled that they would make the extreme effort to come all the way to Boulder to get the treatment they need to get back the life that they have lost.  To put their health in my hands is the ultimate form of trust.  I can’t wait until they feel better and are able to regain their lives and know that they don’t have to live with the pain and accept things the way they are.
I feel so thankful and blessed for this opportunity to talk about what I do and love.  Every person that I met in Norway was gracious, polite, and made me feel welcomed.  A special thank you to Sigmund and Monica for making this trip possible.  And thank you to Monica for driving me all over Norway and showing me your beautiful country!  I can’t wait to see you guys again and to see your wonderful country again! Tusen takk!


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