I am a Chiropractor in Boulder. As you may have noticed in your houses, as the weather turns colder the spiders seem to creep in.  I have been seeing more spiders in the office!  Usually we don’t think twice before squashing those poor unexpected visitors.  But I have found a great solution…
Essential oils.  Yes, very simple, non-toxic essential oils.  These eight-legged creatures do not like lemon or peppermint oil.  So here is what I do.  I put 4 drops of lemon and 4 drop of peppermint in a 6oz spray bottle and then just spray the doorways and the windows.  Not only does it keep the bugs out, but I love the smell!
So if you are sick of spiders and do want to have to call whoever the spider killer in the house is, try some essential oils in your home.
We now offer DoTerra essential oils in the office.  Ask me about them next time you come in.
See you Soon!

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