It is not surprising that Boulder is known to be one of the happiest and healthiest towns in the U.S because about a third of Boulder homes have a pet. We even go so far in Boulder as to not refer to ourselves as “pet owners,” but rather “pet guardians.” That so many Boulderites are deemed healthy and happy can be directly attributed to their devotion to their furry, fluffy, or even finned companions.

Pets are beneficial to our health. Not only do they force us to exercise, but we have a loving companion unconditionally. Family pets instantly put you in a positive mood. Many programs have been developed where pets go into hospitals for patients, and it drastically improves the lives of those being visited.
Spending time with an animal improves health and wellness for the owner… excuse me, guardian, by improving their mood and even boosting their immune system. This isn’t just emotional fluff being touted by pet enthusiasts; Pets actually alter brain chemistry by decreasing cortisol, a hormone related to stress, and simultaneously increasing serotonin, a source of mood enhancement. On top of that, most pet owners experience an increased level of activity which also releases endorphins that can create happiness and improve sleep.

If people were to interact with each other the way that pets interact with humans (with the playfulness and unconditional love) we would probably get along better. When you come home from a bad day, the presence of a pet can be just what you need to feel better and ready to take on the world. Who doesn’t know the experience of coming home and seeing their favorite furry friend greet them at the door with tail wagging, or who hasn’t laughed out loud seeing their house-cat get stuck in a hilarious situation, often with a bag over their head.

So what can we do to return the favor? Well, our pets have many of the same dietary needs that we do, so we need to make sure they are getting proper nutrition and exercise, and of course, plenty of love.


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