What is pain?
Why does it have such power over our lives?
What can I do to resolve this issue, or do I just have to learn to live with it?
If any of these three questions intrigues you, keep reading. If not, you are free to move about the cabin.  
Pain is a normal response to some trigger in our life. It is literally an electrical sensation sent from some part of your body up to your brain where the signal becomes your reality. It is very odd to think that pain is something that our bodies create. Some of you probably wish at this point that that portion of your brain simply did not exist. “Why should I even need to feel pain, it is literally ruining my life”. This was a quote from a patient back in California. It is a tough question to answer in a tactful way when someone has been living with Chronic Pain Syndrome for 12 years. Obviously it is important to feel pain; some would even argue that without it we could not appreciate happiness or joy. This, of course, is of little comfort for someone who lives their life in a constant state of discomfort.
The next question to ask yourself is, “is the pain I am experiencing normal or abnormal”. I can assume that those who are reading this are suffering from abnormal pain, and have been for quite a bit of time. It is probably to the point where you have tried various treatments ranging from opiates to acupuncture to massage and any other alternative form of care you can think of. Some have even tried hypnotherapy to try and get their pain under control but alas, after all these various modalities still find themselves in agony. So, do you just have to learn to live with it?
From all the research I have looked at, whether it be neurophysiology or biochemistry or neuroanatomy it appears that Chronic Pain is in fact something that can be corrected for. What that means is you do NOT have to live with it for the rest of your life. When combing through the research talking about pain, or even Fibromyalgia, pain signals are being stimulated (activated) inappropriately. Have you ever stubbed your toe? Remember that period between hitting the door frame and the time it actually took for pain to arrive? There was at least a 3 second gap where you know the pain is coming. Stubbing your toe caused enough stimulation to the nerves in your lower leg to send a nociceptive signal (pain signal) up to the spinal cord, through the brainstem to the thalamus where it disperses to various portions of the brain. What all that means is something happens (stubbing your toe), a signal is sent up to the brain where it causes you to feel something.
In the case of Chronic Pain or Fibromyalgia the amount of stimulation to create this pain signal is drastically reduced. Meaning, instead of having to stub your toe all you would need to do is put on a sock to elicit the pain response. What the research shows is the pain threshold has changed, and the smallest amount of stimulus can cause the pain response.
Fortunately, we have a proven method to help those suffering from Chronic Pain or Fibromyalgia not only in Boulder County, but across the nation. Our Doctors are trained in detecting this altered neurology and how to get it back on track. By specializing in the top two vertebrae of the spinal column due to their relation to the brain stem, we are able to help those who have tried every other form of therapy to try and get well finally get the relief they have been searching for. You have to remember that your current state of health does NOT dictate your future. Just because you have been living with pain does not mean that you can’t be well again. Take the time to sit down with one of our Doctors to see if you qualify for this type of care. Consultations are available to see if this office is the best fit for you. 15 minutes of your time is all it takes to see if we hold the secret to getting you well again, after all; what do you have to lose?

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