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Why Are Omega 3’s Important?

60% of your brain is made up of fatty acids, yet many people think that all fats are bad. We have increased rates of attention deficit disorder, depression, and other brain disorders. Instead of blaming our evolution which could not have changed in the last 50 years, let’s look at the typical American diet. The […]

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You’re Just Going To Have To Live With It

Every day in the practice I listen to the stories of my patients. Time and time again I hear them tell me about all the doctors they’ve seen, the MRI’s they’ve been run through, and the prescriptions they’ve been taking. Inevitably, their doctors all tell them the same thing; “You’re just going to have to […]

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Headache Relief Every Many Treatments Failed To Offer Lasting Relief

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Her Headaches Started With A Car Accident And Ended With Our Unique Headache Approach!

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Severe Migraines Eliminated With The Specific Institute’s Unique Headache Approach

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