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I Saved a Spider’s Life Today!

I am a Chiropractor in Boulder. As you may have noticed in your houses, as the weather turns colder the spiders seem to creep in.  I have been seeing more spiders in the office!  Usually we don’t think twice before squashing those poor unexpected visitors.  But I have found a great solution… Essential oils.  Yes, […]

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5 Migraine Misconceptions

Do you suffer from migraines?  Have you tried everything to get rid of them?  Every day in the office I see people who are suffering from migraines and don’t know what to do about it. And even worse, they have been misled with erroneous information (perhaps inadvertently) that has only made the problem worse.

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Adventures in Norway

It is great to be back!  As most of you know I was in Norway again talking about Upper Cervical Chiropractic in Boulder.  Yes it was cold, but did you know it was colder in Boulder while I was away?!  Crazy!!  This trip was amazing. My colleague, Dr. Shawn Dill, and I were there for […]

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3 Mistakes People Make After Being in a Car Accident

Being an Upper Cervical Chiropractor I see some of the worst of the worst cases.  Most people come in after they have tried EVERYTHING with little or no result.  On their initial paperwork they indicate severe migraines, vertigo, numbness, digestive issues, severe pain, and limited mobility.  Basically they are not able to live their lives […]

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Upper Cervical in Norway, August 2013

Newspaper Interview! When I first took over this practice in April 2012 I was so excited to have a busy practice and help a lot of people with severe health problems.  Because of the kind of specialty that I do, many patients come from all over Colorado and from neighboring states.  I was surprised to […]

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Why Travel 4,646 Miles for an Adjustment: Upper Cervical Care

4,646 miles is how far it is from Boulder to Norway.  A recent patient of mine, Sigmund, traveled here from Norway because they do not have Upper Cervical Chiropractic where he is from. 

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