If you suffer from chronic migraines you know how they can impact your productivity at home and at work.  The all too familiar pounding pain, nausea, dizziness, sensitivity to light and sound makes it incredible difficult to be the real you.   The scariest part of migraine headaches are they are often sporadic and can range from an annoyance to a full blow disabling episode.   Did you know that 1 in every 4 American households have a family member that suffers from chronic migraine headaches?  Another frustrating fact is the treatment for migraines are sometimes not effective or even make the condition worse.    Some medications for migraines are actually meant for high blood pressure, depression, and even seizures.  Some people even try drastic measures such as removal of nerves and even injections of Botox!
Let me tell you a story about Jane.  Jane is a 40 year old mother of two.  She has always been a happy hard working employ who happened to suffer from migraines, but had them under control.  As in most jobs she dealt with deadlines, reports, and making sure she was keeping up with all of her paperwork.  Jane also began to have her manageable migraines more often.  At first she just took Excedrin migraine and this made them manageable.  However as she was taking more and more Excedrin, the medicine had stop working and her migraines became too difficult to manage. As a result she started missing work.  She went to her doctor and he prescribed her Imitrex for the pain and Lopressor as a beta blocker (hoping to control the blood flow to the brain).  These medications dulled the pain, but the side effects included nausea, dizziness, drowsiness and muscle weakness.  It was almost easier dealing with the migraine than taking the medication.  Now at work she was moody, unproductive, and had taken all of her sick days.  At this point she could no longer perform her duties at work and lost her job.  Her husband had a decent job, but it wasn’t enough to cover the bills and they had to take a second mortgage on the house.  Jane’s medicals bill were beginning to pile up as the doctors ran every test under the sun.  All the tests were negative.   They just couldn’t find out what was wrong.  Jane resorted to taking pain medication and locking herself in a dark quite room.  As the bill piled up and the debt became too much Jane and her family had to file for bankruptcy.
What most people don’t understand is that your health is the most important aspect of your life.  In fact 50% of all bankruptcy in America is due to a chronic health issue.  This is an all too common story that I hear from people in my office.  But this doesn’t have to end as a sad story.  In fact this might just be the beginning.  Unfortunately the way Jane and her doctors were trying to find the solution for her migraines was and outside in approach.  That may make sense initially, but if you think about it, was Jane suffering from migraines because she lacked Imitrex or Lopressor? No.  Jane was having migraines because her body was not functioning properly.  More specifically Jane had a problem with the way her brain was functioning.  Migraines are caused by an improperly functioning nervous system.  All of her treatment was aimed at managing her symptoms, but never addressing the underlining cause.  This simple fact is why we see phenomenal results with people who suffer from chronic migraine headaches.  Our office specializes in finding and correcting nervous system function.
While the story of Jane and her filling for bankruptcy is very sad and unfortunately common, it doesn’t have to be the end.  We help people all the time who are in this very predicament.  The reason that I write these articles is a hope to reach you before you go down this road.  If this story sounds familiar to you or someone you know please call the office to set up a free consultation.  Or just call the office to speak to one of our Doctors to see if we can help you, 303-442-5911.   You don’t have to suffer anymore.  There is HOPE.


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