We want nothing more for children than for them to live a happy, healthy life. We support them in learning their passions, finding their curiosities, and providing opportunities for their growth in all aspects of life. What if you, as a parent or close friend of a child, had all these opportunities laid out in front of him/her, but they weren’t able to take advantage because of an underlying condition.
Dyslexia is a condition affecting how the brain processes information. This is not to say that children with dyslexia are un-intelligent, quite the opposite is true. Children diagnosed with dyslexia often times have above average IQs.  When we talk about dyslexia, we are describing a software problem. Take a moment and close your fist and hold it out in front of you. If you are in public, don’t worry, if anyone asks just explain you are learning neurology. Your fist in this example will be the brain, your wrist is the brain stem, and forearm the spinal cord. Like I mentioned above, there is nothing physically wrong with any of these three structures. The issue lies in how they are functioning, specifically the brain stem (wrist).
You can look at the brain-stem and how it works with the brain like a highway system. Think about highway 36, connecting Boulder to Denver. Let’s say you had an important meeting in Denver at 8pm, a meeting where you were going to tell a story that will change lives. At that time of day, traffic is relatively light and you can easily make it there in 45 minutes. You give your presentation, lo and behold lives are changed. Now imagine you had the same meeting in Denver, but it started at 4 pm. Would you be able to give your presentation in time if you only had 45 minutes to commute? The answer is no, if you were following the rules of the road. To get the information where it needs to be, you could drive on the median, you could take the new carpool lane even though you don’t have the appropriate equipment. This same process happens in our bodies, specifically at the brain-stem. If you look at the highway, it did not change between 3 pm and 8 pm. No new lanes were added, nothing was taken away. The structure of the road is completely intact. The issue at hand is too many cars on the road.
So how does this play into dyslexia? If there is a traffic jam, which is what we test for in this office, when your child reads from a book, or tries to tell you a story, or has trouble holding onto and gripping a pencil, signals form the body have to take alternative paths to get to their destination. This looks like jumbled speech, miss-written sentences or words, and difficulty with find motor control.
Fortunately, there is hope to resolve this issue once and for all. To actually attack the problem head on and leave a lasting impact on that child’s development through life. My name is Dr. Richard Baez and I practice a little known procedure called Upper Cervical Specific. This focuses on the top two bones in the neck due to their relationship to the brain-stem. The purpose is to clear out that “traffic jam” so that the brain and body talk to each other normally. Remember, your current state of health does NOT dictate your future. Just because a child was given a diagnosis for dyslexia does not mean that they cannot be well again. So please, call the office at 303.442.5911 and ask for Dr. Rich. You never know how impactful a simple phone call can be in changing the life of someone you love.

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