5 Simple Tips to Make an Immediate Impact on Your Health
People always ask me, “What are some simple things I can do to get a jump on being healthy.”  Below are five very simple things you can do here in Boulder that are simple yet effective.  More detailed information is available upon request, my contact information is listed below.

  1. Snacks between meals
    A major issue we are currently facing is going long periods of time without eating food. Sometimes we skip 1 or even 2 meals a day.  This places a great deal of stress on the body to break down its energy stores to maintain normal function.  The next time you eat, the body will replace these stores, but again this causes extra stress on the body.

Strategy: Buy a 2 lb bag of shelled walnuts ~$17.  Divide the bag into zip lock bags and store in the fridge.  Each day, take a bag with you and eat 1/3 between each meal.  This will help stop the ups and downs of blood sugar, give you more sustained energy, and help decrease inflammation all at the same time.

  1. Protein powder if you can’t get an actual meal in
    Our work lives often require so much focus and time that we sometimes skip a meal to make a meeting, or finish a project. Again, this causes the body to dig into its reservoir to provide you energy.  This causes added stress, which actually leads to weight gain if done frequently.

 Strategy: Have a protein powder in the office that you can use to replace a meal in a pinch.  Also, have a specific container with a “blender ball” to mix the powder in water.  In order for this to be productive, a high quality protein powder is required.  I have recommendations for the best available that I will be happy to share with you.

  1. Exercise to increase metabolism, energy, and health
    Obviously, movement is required for overall health within our bodies. I don’t mean joining crossfit or running marathons, but a brisk 30 minute walk or pilates class not only leads to increased energy, but a positive attitude, metabolism, and overall health.

 Strategy:  Take 30 – 60 minutes each day to exercise.   This can either be done in the morning before you start your day, or in the evening as a way to de-stress.   A brisk walk or hike each day or a workout class adds fun and accountability to achieve your goal. 

  1. Decrease Stress / Mindset

Quite often, the way we feel about a situation comes from our perception of it. Often that perception is right, but sometimes it isn’t.  For instance, sometimes we’re unreasonably harsh with ourselves, or we can jump to wrong conclusion about people’s motives. This can cause problems and make us unhappy, and it can lead us to be unfair to others.  Thought Awareness, Rational Thinking, and Positive Thinking are simple tools that help you turn this around.  Stress puts our bodies into a state where healing cannot take place.
Strategy: Take 15 minutes each morning away from the TV, news, or radio.  Sit and think about what is really going well in your life.  Focus on a 3 things you are going to get done that day, and what it is going to feel like once they are accomplished.  Your mindset is hugely important in healing, so by following this simple exercise, you can take another step closer to being well. 

  1. Increase water
    Hydration is one of the most important things you can do to maintain your health. Did you know that we are made up of over 70% water?  Water helps to clear toxins from our body, which leads to increased energy!

 Strategy: Drink at least 60 oz of water per day. If this is something that you struggle with, I recommend adding an essential oil to the water to give it a nice flavor as well as add health benefits.  60 oz is the minimum; 120 oz would be the maximum unless you are very active.

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