At some point in our lives, we have all been around growing children. We have seen them take their first steps, or that moment when an infant wraps her hand around your finger. These kid’s brains are developing at an incredible rate.  Did you know that by the end of the first month, infants can recognize some sounds including their parents voice? Or that by the end of the third month they will recognize familiar objects and people at a distance. By their second birthday they are running, kicking a ball, creating small sentences, and most definitely jumping on furniture! However, there is an ever increasing amount of children suffering from neurological issues like ADHD, Dyslexia, and Autism. This begs the questions, “Why is this happening and what can be done to help?”
Since 1990, the amount of children diagnosed with some type of learning disability has been increasing at staggering rates. For example, just 15 years ago Autism used to be considered a rare disorder affecting 1 in 10,000 children. Now, 1 in 58 children are on the Autistic Spectrum. In 2008, 20 million prescriptions for Ritalin were written. Between 1990 and 1998 the use of Ritalin increased 800 percent. In 2009, 1 in every 6 five or six year old were diagnosed with some type of neurological disorder that affects the ability to learn and socially interact. We are living through a period of what I call ‘Disconnected Youth’.
A child’s brain is growing and developing at a rate that is hard to fathom. To put it in perspective, there are more brain cells in a 10 year old’s head than stars in our solar system. These cells are called neurons and help to make up the left and right portions of our brain. What is happening with ‘disconnected youth’ is one side of the brain is more active/stronger than the other leading to disorders like ADHD, Dyslexia, and Autism just to name a few. Consider the rhythmic two-legged control of a world-class athlete running a marathon. As she nears the finish line, she picks up speed, going faster and faster. If one leg suddenly gets a cramp or trips on a stone, the whole body is crippled because one leg can’t keep up with the other. They get out of sync. The good leg can get her to the finish line, but she’ll fall behind the pack. And the farther away she is from the finish, the farther behind she will get from the others.
To fully understand the world and react to it, a child must use both sides of the brain as a whole. If one half of the brain is too slow, the faster, or stronger, side takes over and begins to ignore the other, underactive side. When this happens, a child’s interpretation of and reactions to the world around him will be “off”, so to speak, and his behavior will appear abnormal.1  Changes in the brain and how it is developing is the basis for diagnosis of childhood disorders, and is the only way to address the root cause of the problem to help these kids get back to who they are capable of being.
By working directly with the brain and brain-stem, we are able to restore the brain back to its normal rhythm. This in turn allows the brain to start the process of working in sync once again so that children can have the opportunity to develop normally. Kid’s who have been diagnosed with a learning disability or other neurological disorder have the greatest chance to recover when the brain in harmony  once again.  There is hope for children to break out of their ‘statistic’ and become the person they were truly meant to be.  Remember, your current state of health does NOT dictate your future. Take the first step towards being well again by calling the office to schedule a complimentary assessment of your child’s nervous system, 303.442.5911.

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