It is great to be back!  As most of you know I was in Norway again talking about Upper Cervical Chiropractic in Boulder.  Yes it was cold, but did you know it was colder in Boulder while I was away?!  Crazy!!  This trip was amazing. My colleague, Dr. Shawn Dill, and I were there for 11 days.  This time we were focusing on how we can get a clinic set up in Norway.  Recently, there has been a major influx of patients coming to Boulder to receive care.  Many of them got amazing results, but the trip back and forth was really taxing on their body. I knew there had to be a better way.
The reason that I got into Chiropractic was to help people.  And the reason that I specialized in Upper Cervical Chiropractic was to be able to help people who are really sick.  For this reason I see many patients who travel great distances.  This is the reason why the Norwegians have been coming over for treatment.  They have tried everything, with little or no results.  The problem was that they could usually only stay for a month at a time to receive care.  Like I said they were very happy with the results, but I wasn’t.
I knew they could get even better.  I stand for people living the lives they truly want and I am not satisfied unless they are getting not only good results, but amazing life changing results.  I knew we had to do something, so Dr. Dill and I discussed how we could bring Upper Cervical to Norway. At first it seemed a little daunting. How were we going to be able to manage a clinic half way around the world?  Well, we decided to go and find out.
We first arrived in Norway to give a presentation to people who were interested in what we did and find out if we could help them.  There were over 70 individuals (which I think may have been over the limit for the room) who came from all over the country.  Shawn and I gave a dual presentation on what we do and the kind of people we help.
After the presentation, we scanned people to determine whether they had a nervous system problem. If they did, we explained how that impacted their health.  Some people began crying when I told them that there was hope and they didn’t have to “just live with it.”  Most of them have been in pain for so long that they could hardly imagine not having it.  So then the question was, how were we going to help all these people?
We drove 2 hours north the next day to a little town called Sveio. They had a wonderful lunch laid out for us and the local paper was there to ask what our plans were in Norway. We had a meeting with the Mayor and business bureau from the local Municipality.  They were very excited to hear what we do and why so many of their countrymen have been flying to the United States to get care.  They wanted to bring this care to their country.  Health is a big priority for the Norwegian people and the government wants to make sure their people stay happy and healthy.
The whole reason that I got into Upper Cervical Chiropractic was to better help people who have given up hope.  I can’t wait to see how everything turns out.  It is going to be a lot of work but will be well worth it in the end.  Not only am I excited to bring this care to Norway but I am also excited to keep making the Boulder clinic bigger and bigger.  With your help we can serve many people in our community.  If someone you know is suffering from a health problem that is robbing them of their lives, please pass this information on or have them call the office. The best part is that the clinic here is just down the street, not half way around the world. Hopefully the Norwegians can say that soon. Remember, you can live the life you truly want to live and I’m happy to help you get there.


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