Do you suffer from migraines?  Have you tried everything to get rid of them?  Every day in the office I see people who are suffering from migraines and don’t know what to do about it. And even worse, they have been misled with erroneous information (perhaps inadvertently) that has only made the problem worse.
First of all, migraines are NOT normal! They’re a sign that something is wrong. Your body is designed to be free of pain. Feeling good is the normal state. Feeling throbbing, pounding pain in your skull that doesn’t seem to want to go away, like a bad houseguest, is not normal. Neither are the feelings of nausea that come whenever you go out on a sunny day or see a bright light, lying awake at night praying your migraine will disappear, feeling and looking miserable, irritable, and older than you really are, and the frustration of knowing that your friends and family just don’t understand what you are going through.
Five Migraine Relief Misconceptions:
1. Over-The-Counter Medications Treat the Cause of Your Migraine
It’s almost criminal that drug companies are hiding from you that the migraine relieving drugs they advertise don’t actually target the real cause of your migraine.
Here’s the real deal: these pills cover up your migraine by simply disabling your brain’s ability to feel your pain. That’s why your migraine comes back when the pills wear off!
If these drugs actually treated the real cause of your migraine, then shouldn’t your migraines go away permanently? But they don’t…
These pills only sweep your pain under the rug.  The REAL cause of your migraine remains untreated, and that’s why you keep suffering.
 2.   Migraine Medication Can’t Harm You
One thing many migraine sufferers don’t know about the drugs they take is that these pills are not 100% safe. In fact, a lot of the side effects you may experience are far worse than the migraine you’re trying to cover up for a measly four hours of relief.
You see, the way these pills disable your ability to feel pain is to disable a little hormone in your body that acts like a messenger to your brain. Of course, our bodies, being the highly tuned machines they are, have figured out how to use these hormones for more jobs than one.
So if you disable the hormone from doing just one job, it will also not do other jobs It’s supposed to in your body.
Moreove, medication seldom increases your body’s ability to respond to stress appropriately, and it usually decreases your body’s natural ability to fight disease!
 3. Migraines Go Away On Their Own
Tony Robbins has a saying, “The definition of insanity is doing the same things and expecting different results.”
If you truly want to get rid of your migraines, then you’re going to have to try something different, something natural, and hopefully drug free…and equally important, something that is proven to work.
4. All Doctors Know how to Treat Migraines
There’s a saying that goes something like this…
“If you’re A Hammer, All You See Is Nails”
Hammers hit nails… M.D.’s prescribe medication.
Expecting a different approach from your medical doctor will only lead to disappointment. That’s why I wrote this blog – to help migraine sufferers like you.
Before we go any further, let me stress to you that there is a place for medication, but more importantly, the cause of the problem must be identified because the wrong diagnosis = wrong care.
And, if your doctor’s treatment fails, you’ll probably get even stronger medications or, in an extreme case, your doctor will recommend surgery. Personally, I think there are times when surgery is the only option, but in terms of migraines, there are natural alternatives that many times, work a lot better without the risks associated with invasive treatments.
In fact, if you really want great results without all the risk of drugs, doesn’t it make sense to try a natural solution first?
 5.     Your Problem Is Always Where Your Pain Is.
Even though you may be feeling your migraine in your sinuses or on the top of your head, that doesn’t necessarily mean that is where the cause of the problem is located.
For instance, oftentimes people with a disc problem in their lower back get pain, numbness, or weakness in their legs, even if there’s nothing physically wrong with their legs.
Pain is perceived in your brain.  The way your nervous system works is that your body sends signals to your brain and then your brain decides if the signal is painful.  If there is a problem with that transmission you can have an over active nervous system or one that is not functioning properly.
A Migraine Is Not A Simple Headache!
Migraines may be caused by changes in the brainstem and its interactions with the trigeminal nerve, a major pain pathway. Imbalances in brain chemicals, including serotonin, helps regulate pain in your nervous system
That’s a complex way of saying that your brain may not be regulating your pain the way it is supposed to be…  And the problem could be in your neck.
“Your Migraines could be an underlying neurological dysfunction”!
That is what I specialize in: finding and correcting neurological interference and dysfunction.  In the office we take computerized infrared thermography scans and biomechanical x-rays to figure out what is going on with your nervous system.    Once we remove the interference, your body is able to heal.  Instead of just merely covering up the symptoms, we find the underlying cause so that you can have a lasting health.  Every day I see people who have given up hope of ever getting better.  I love to tell them that there is hope and that they are in the right place.
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