Being an Upper Cervical Chiropractor I see some of the worst of the worst cases.  Most people come in after they have tried EVERYTHING with little or no result.  On their initial paperwork they indicate severe migraines, vertigo, numbness, digestive issues, severe pain, and limited mobility.  Basically they are not able to live their lives the way they want to because they are sick.  Time and time again when I evaluate their history, I see that they have some sort of head trauma.  The most common form of head and neck trauma is a car accident.  Usually it was an accident that happened 5, 10 or 20 years ago.  Then, very slowly they started to lose their health.  While I see great, miraculous results with these patients, it would have been easier to have got them checked right after the accident.  These are the 3 biggest mistakes I see people make after they have been in a car accident:

#1 Take too much medication. Usually when you go to the hospital they take an x-ray and send you home with a bottle of strong medication.  Medication is supposed to be a temporary solution, but many people think that the pain medication is curing them!  We can forget that this medication can be addicting and make it harder to heal because the body is working overtime to filter it out.

#2 Immobilize the neck for too long.  Your neck and other body parts may need to be immobilized after a severe car accident.  The problem is that most people think that if it hurts than you shouldn’t move at all.  The problem with that is your body needs movement and blood flow for proper healing.  When you immobilize for too long then you can get atrophy of the muscles and ischemia to surrounding tissues.

#3  Not doing anything!  Many times after a car accident we are just thankful that it wasn’t worse.  The problem is that there is so much adrenalin pumping through your body that it acts as a natural pain killer. Studies show that an accident going only 12mph can cause damage to the soft tissue, especially to the top of your neck, which is only held together by soft tissue.

What should you do if you are in a car accident?

GET CHECKED! The only way to know if you have sustained an injury that has caused improper nervous system coordination is to go get checked.  If there is a problem, then get it fixed early so that you don’t have all kinds of problems in the future.

Every day I help people get their lives back.  Unfortunately people wait until the pain is so bad that they are desperate and will do anything to get better.  I wish more people would come in right after an injury, so they wouldn’t have to stop living the life that they love.
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