Restore hope.  Heal your body.   Feel alive!

If you are like most of our patients you probably have tried everything with little or no results. You may have been told you are just going to have to live with your pain. They may be wrong. We take a different approach to your health. By analyzing the function of your nervous system, we get different results. We get such great results that many patients come from all over the world. The biggest reason that people come into the office is because we give them HOPE. You can get better. You can live the life you truly desire.

What is your illness stopping you from doing? Are you able to be the best parent, spouse, or friend? Are you able to do the things you once loved? The most exciting thing about my job is I get to see amazing transformations with my patients. They first come into the office desperate for a solution, thinking they may never get better. Once they are under care and their body starts to heal and they become the person they once lost. They are able to get well and live the life they always dreamed of.

I am passionate about people being able to live the lives they truly desire. It breaks my heart to see people not living up to their potential because of pain or illness. Life should be exciting, fulfilling, and joyful. The biggest benefit that my patients receive from Specific Upper Cervical Care is empowerment. My patients are empowered with the knowledge that their bodies are meant to be healthy. Once your nervous system is functioning at 100% there is no limit to what you can accomplish.

Hear from Dr. Bremner’s Patients

<b><i>Keith, 23 years old</i></b>
Keith, 23 years old

Before Dr. Bremner, my health was in the gutter. Waking up and functioning in the morning was almost impossible. Most days the only time I didn’t feel sick to some degree was when I was asleep. I almost didn’t graduate college because of my stomach issues. Most of my doctors didn’t know what was wrong with me and prescribed me pills upon pill to try to mask the symptoms. I have tried everything with no success. Finally I can to Dr. Bremner and after just one month of her care, my condition improved drastically. Dr. Bremner’s care is highly recommended!

<b><i>Alice, 71 years old</i></b>
Alice, 71 years old

I was diagnosed with MS. I was numb from my toes to my tongue. My hands trembled so much so that I could not write or paint. I hurt so much that I could stand to be touched or hugged. My legs felt like they were on fire and my neck was in pain all the time. Anything requiring the use of my arms or hands was impossible. I had been on MS meds and had such a bad reaction that my husband had to call 911. Today I am drug free for 5 years and I can run 3 miles! Thanks to Dr. Bremner I can enjoy all the activities that I couldn’t before.

<b><i>Elise, 26 years old</i></b>
Elise, 26 years old

I had a neck injury as a child that got worse as I got older. I would experience dizziness more frequently and had neck discomfort most of the time before having upper cervical care. Regular chiropractic offered temporary relief but nothing more. Everything is better after my treatment because I am not having neck discomfort and dizziness anymore. I highly recommend upper cervical chiropractic care with Dr. Bremner for anyone who is struggling with vertigo or neck pain.

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Your body is amazing, and functions to always protect you. When something traumatic happens to your body, the sympathy nervous system (that fight or flight) mechanism kicks in and makes you superman for a moment. So many chemicals and neurotransmitters are released to take on the intense experience you are having. Endorphins help mask the pain and are designed to help you get away if you had to.

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Sound simple enough, but many people feel intimidated by exercise. Especially here in Boulder, if you are not an iron man triathlete then it can seem unwelcoming for the average Joe. Here is the good news: when I say exercise what I mean is daily activity that gets your heart rate up. So this can be a jog, walk, or just playing tag with your children; or in my case most of my adult friends. Exercise lowers stress by releasing endorphins and this can also help you sleep better.

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