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Neck and Back Pain Relief in Boulder

Neck and back pain can range from annoying to completely debilitating.  

Most of the time people try to manage their neck and back pain with home remedies, stretches and exercises.  When those stop working and the pain gets worse, it can be confusing where to turn or who to go to.

You have taken pills, tried heat, ice, special stretches, and have changed your pillow. Now it seems like nothing is working.  Does this sound familiar?

What I have found is that the missing piece that gets overlooked all the time is the proper biomechanics (movement) of the neck and back.  This is why Chiropractic is so effective for neck and back pain. A Chiropractor is an expert at analyzing the spine and correcting improper movement in the spine.  

It can be confusing deciding what chiropractor to go to, especially here in Boulder.  Here is my suggestion; I would go to someone who has had a lot of success with past patients dealing with the same issue.  That seems like an obvious suggestion, but you should check to see what others are saying about that office.

I would like to share a story about one of our patients, her name is Chris and she was suffering from severe neck and back pain.  She was seeing a chiropractor every 10 days and wasn’t progressing. She was told that she was going to have to do this for the rest of her life.  Chris wasn’t happy with that opinion and searched for another Doctor. She found our office and proceeded with care. Our office is a little different than other Chiropractic offices.  First of all, we only adjust the top part of the neck. This is known as the Upper Cervical region of your neck. Second, we use an objective measurement to know when to adjust you and when not to adjust you.  In fact, our whole goal is to not adjust you. Chris got better and better and came in the office less and less. Now she only comes in once in a while to maintain her health.


Here is Chris telling her story in her own words:

Such a great story!  Just to let you in on a little secret, Chris was really nervous to be on camera.  She decided to do it because she thought if just one person saw this video and decided to come into the office, then she could help change their lives.   Most of our patients have told their stories because this care has dramatically changed their lives.

 Are you dealing with chronic neck or back pain and feel like you have tried everything?  If so here is what I want to offer you: A free no risk complimentary consultation with one of our doctors.  We will sit down with you and go over your case. After your consultation, we will let you know if we can help you.  If we can not, we promise to find an office that can. Sound fair enough?

To request your no risk complimentary consultation simply fill out the web form below or call our office at 303-442-5911.

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