I had a neck injury as a child that got worse as I got older. I would experience dizziness more frequently and had neck discomfort most of the time before having upper cervical care. Regular chiropractic offered temporary relief but nothing more. Everything is better after my treatment because I am not having neck discomfort and dizziness anymore. I highly recommend upper cervical chiropractic care with Dr. Bremner for anyone who is struggling with vertigo or neck pain.



Before Dr. Bremner, my health was in the gutter. Waking up and functioning in the morning was almost impossible. Most days the only time I didn’t feel sick to some degree was when I was asleep. I almost didn’t graduate college because of my stomach issues. Most of my doctors didn’t know what was wrong with me and prescribed me pills upon pill to try to mask the symptoms. I have tried everything with no success. Finally I can to Dr. Bremner and after just one month of her care, my condition improved drastically. Dr. Bremner’s care is highly recommended!



I was diagnosed with MS. I was numb from my toes to my tongue. My hands trembled so much so that I could not write or paint. I hurt so much that I could stand to be touched or hugged. My legs felt like they were on fire and my neck was in pain all the time. Anything requiring the use of my arms or hands was impossible. I had been on MS meds and had such a bad reaction that my husband had to call 911. Today I am drug free for 5 years and I can run 3 miles! Thanks to Dr. Bremner I can enjoy all the activities that I couldn’t before.



Activities you could not enjoy before Specific care:

Fast walking, ridding a bike, sleep the whole night because of the pain and migraine

Activities you enjoy more now that your body is functioning better:

Sleeping good, less pain, fast walks, energy and feeling of happiness

Please describe your condition prior to UC care:

I was exhausted because of a lot of pain in my body. I had 13-17 days with migraine in a month. I had very low energy levels in my body

How did this condition affect your daily life:

I could not work. I had to take a lot of medications. I felt worn out every day. I wasn’t happy, had to use my will to act normal and I needed a lot of rest.

Describe the results you have obtained through Specific care:

Very few migraines and a lot of energy. Able to exercise and my body feels normal

Describe how these results impacted your daily life

I am happy, full of energy and able to live normal

If there was one thing you wanted to say about the Specific Chiropractic what would it be?



I have MS. After a week of tests including a spinal tap the neurologist confirmed the MS and told me to quit my job because of the stress, get a wheel chair because of my paralysis and I would be handicapped for the rest of my life. Erin Elster was in my strength and conditioning class and had me see her at her Upper Cervical Chiropractic office. The neurologist had me on MS medicines but after my own research I realized the drugs didn’t stop any attacks or flare-ups and ultimately causes liver damage. I started to keep a log of how I was feeling: when my neck was good or unblocked I was getting better, when my neck was bad or blocked I started to experience my MS symptoms. I shared this info with the neurologist, gave him back his medicines and have used upper cervical care as along with a strict gluten and dairy free diet as my means for dealing with my MS.

The recovery back to “normal” body and brain function:My first initial attack did leave me partially paralyzed so with my background as a college athlete and coach for track and my education in exercise science I re-taught myself how to write and walk again, (PT’s didn’t know what to do with me). I walked 4 months in the water and did single leg weight training before I was strong enough to use the treadmill. I would walk on the treadmill by holding myself up on the treadmill (locking my elbows as the legs moved at 1 mph) to regain that pattern of the walking movement. I progressed up to 4 mph and after a year of the treadmill I was able to finally get back to running on the trails around Boulder, CO. After each run as I would slow down to a walk my right leg would collapse from exhaustion. My right leg still goes weak after a hard workout but Im back to the intensity level I was before I got sick. Life is give and take and I will take what I have today compared to what I could have been.With my writing I first started by emptying my change jar and picked them up one at a time, dimes were the worst. I would do this several times a night and after about 6 months I was finally strong enough to hold a pencil. I bought a few grade school tablets and wrote the ABC’s 3 times (both capital and small letters) every night for a year. Weekly I would see a friend of mine who use to be a grade school teacher and she would grade my letters and then I would work on that for the week.

My brain also was affected so to get my brain back I used the Nintendo Brain Age game. Every night for 2 years I would play at least 5 mins. What it did was it increased my mental capabilities (for the first 4 years I couldn’t take notes and listen because I couldn’t process the info and write it down atthe same time), think and process information faster, remember stuff. I used work as my rehab so I forced myself to write everything out instead of typing it, I would physically work on the pool equipment and use screw drivers and dribble balls to regain the fine motor skills of the right hand and arm.

What has Upper Cervical Chiropractic done for me:

Today I work full time; I’m the Aquatic Director, teach swim lessons, lifeguard and coach water polo and track & field. I can demonstrate all the skills and movements for all the certifications and sports I teach/coach. I use my workouts as my rehab still but today its updated with plyometrics medball, intervals and other things to keep me strong and moving. I do have to use mydown time to recover and rest still so I can be ready for the next day but without upper cervical chiropractic care (Ive tried 6 other upper cervical techniques and no other technique works for me other than what Specific Chiropractic) I couldn’t continue my career of teaching water safety and giving back to others in the sports that gave me so much.

Very thankful that Alison Bremner was the one who took over Erin Elster’s practice. I feel I’m in the best physical and mental condition I’ve been in since that dreadful day 12 years ago when I was diagnosed with MS.



It was a massage therapist who suggested that I see a chiropractor two and a half years ago. My spine was so out of alignment that the handlebars on my motorcycle seemed out of alignment and my tailor was fitting me for uneven arm and leg length. But at 57 years old constant back pain and crookedness were just a part of my life, and all of the treatments that I’d tried over the last 30 years had no effect. But after the massage therapist’s comment I remembered that my father had found relief from trigeminal neuralgia after treatment by an Upper Cervical Chiropractor, so I decided to give it a try. I immediately set up an appointment with Dr. Bremner in Boulder, and I visit her once a month.The results were immediate: my posture improved, my handlebars were no longer out of alignment, and most importantly I did not have back pain all day and all night. AMAZING. Dr. Bremner. provides personal, professional care and you feel like one of the family. One of the beautiful things about Upper Cervical Chiropractic if that it uses objective measures of how you’re doing, so Dr. Bremner only provides adjustments when needed. If your living with pain, out of alignment, dealing with ailments that other treatments don’t help go see Dr. Bremner immediately. She’ll conduct an assessment and use objective data to determine if she can help. The treatments, then, are painless and the results– in my case– immediate. Thank you Dr. Bremner!



Dr. Alison Bremner is my go to chiropractor for upper cervical. WhenI first came in I was impressed and pleased to see took time to take patient history, complaints, x-rays, and gave an honest assessment of my structural health, what should could do for me, and what I could expect. My first adjustment was intense as I had a few issues and had never seen chiropractor but it was very helpful. At no time have I lost confidence being in her hands. Another important factor in continuing to see Dr. Alison Bremner is the her lack of pressuring, upfront assessments, and flexibility in scheduling. I highly recommend her to anyone with upper cervical issues and would expect the exact same professionalism and ease that I have come accustomed with her.



Dr. Alison Bremner is truly a GEM and an amazing upper cervical specific chiropractor! Upper cervical chiropractic is unlike any other chiropractic experience that I have ever had. What I really like about her treatment is that it is customized to the individual. All of us have a unique and dynamic physical structure and Dr. Bremner recognizes that by giving an adjustment that is tailor made. I really appreciate and respect the fact that she only adjusts when it is necessary, not every time I go to the office. I also love the fact that she incorporates a resting period after the adjustment! Resting in her cozy dark room is such an integral part to helping my body “adjust”. Dr. Bremner is an outstanding doctor and a master of her craft. There’s not that many upper cervical doctors in Colorado, and we are all truly blessed that she has decided to make Boulder her home. Thank you so much for always being there to help me!



In Oct. 2013 I was involved in a car accident. I got a concussion and a big bump on my head. After about a week my headache and concussion went away and the bump on my head disappeared. Almost a year later I started getting a headaches, dizzy spells, and numbness in parts of my body. I was referred by a friend to Dr. Alison Bremner, so i ditched my neurologist appointment and went to see Alison. After around only 8 appointments my headaches are gone, and I’m not having dizzy spells. In general my body just feels great! Upper Cervical Chiropractic is very cool and works wonders! I highly recommend it! Thank you Alison Bremner!



Alison has helped a tremendous number of people who would likely all swear that they had thought pain and discomfort was just the way their life would have to be until they met Alison. The number of “miracle cures” she’s effected by specializing in the upper vertebrae is just astounding. On top of that she’s a genuine, caring, giving, and thorough person. Alison is the real deal.



Dr. Bremner is a skillful, professional, caring, and effective practitioner. Courtesy of my my car accidents and (many) crashes on the ski slopes, I’ve learned that making sure my head is screwed on straight is important for the health of my whole body, as well as my athletic abilities. Upper cervical chiropractic, more so than other forms of chiropractic to which I’ve been exposed, is safe and effective for maintaining the health of this important part of my body. It’s also conservative and minimal, only working on the parts that need work, and only when they need it. The office itself is comfortable and relaxing, parking is plentiful and easy. How can you not love a doctor’s office that includes a nap room?



I’ve had migraines, neck pain and lower back pain for a while. I’ve also had a chronic ear infection for many months. I’ve wanted to get to the cause of these issues and not just take medication. Dr. Alison is extremely knowledgeable and gives a great explanation of how the body works in relation to the nervous system. Through my care plan, I’ve noticed many of my issues subside and would highly recommend Dr. Alison!



Dr. Bremner has been great for my daughter Courtney and I in helping us deal with some back and neck issues. The professionalism shared by Dr. Bremner has been great and has really helped us get better. She is more about resolving the problems rather than treating a symptom. I recommmend Dr. Bremner especially if you just can’t find a solution through other medical options.



I love Dr. Bremner! I’ve been a patient of her office as long as she’s been in Boulder. No one else spends as much time and attention as she does about treating my lower back pain. My time there has helped me dramatically increase my range of motion and helped me get back to doing the things that I love. She’s also willing to explain all the details and answer all my questions. I’ve been to many other chiropractors in different states and none have made the difference she has.



Dr. Bremner provides quality care in a comfortable and professional environment. I would recommend her services to anyone with migraines or other head trauma issues . Alison is easy to talk to and helps patients understand the care they are receiving. She also provides informational classes with guidance on living a healthier life.



Dr. Bremner has focused her practiced on the entire well-being of her patients. As we all know it’s a balance of mind, body, and spirit and it’s hard to find a doctor who has their focus on that as well. I suffered from a verify of health issues rooted from an auto-immune disease and migraines the Specific Chiropractor Center was the first place to steer me back on the road to ‘real’ wellness.



Dr. Bremner has cured me of my cluster headaches. Where other doctors prescribe synthetic medicine to mask the symptoms, Dr. Bremner actually get’s rid of the symptoms naturally with the palm of her hand. Through upper cervical chiropractic treatment and the brilliant knowledge of Dr. Bremner and her adjustments, I live a healthy, active and happy pain free life. Her practice is the best in the world if you are trying to get healthy, this would be the world class way of going about it. I can’t thank her enough for the healthy beautiful life I live now. Mind, body and spirit. Thanks Dr. Bremner!



Alison provides a warm, comfortable, and professional environment. Her attention to detail and genuine concern for the recovery of her patients is notable. I highly recommend her services, and see her as a leader in her field both nationally and internationally.



My experience at the office of Dr. Alison Bremner was wonderful. The office was very relaxing. Her professionalism and knowledge made me feel at ease during my adjustment. I would recommend her to anyone that values their health and well being.



Dr. Bremner is highly professional. From the moment I met her I found her to be sincere with a true wish of helping me and with an incredible knowledge. Not only is she the only person who has ever been able to explain why I have the longterm health issues that I have, but in 3 weeks she has also managed to get me better than I have been in years. I will forever be greatful for her caring expertise. And I will continue to make the cross-Atlantic journey for as long as I will need to.



The office is extremely welcoming and Dr. Bremner does a wonderful job making you feel comfortable each visit. I have not only been seeing her as a patient, but learned so much from taking one of her 4 week nutrition classes. They are extremely helpful in jump starting a healthy lifestyle for your future.



Dr. Alison gives the most effective explanation and clear detail as to how she helps patients feel better. I like to know what is happening with my symptoms and why they happen. She really makes it easy for me to understand…and I like that! She takes her time and explains everything. Highly recommended!



Dr. Bremner is a top notch Upper Cervical Chiropractor. Her ability to identify and treat the nervous system is fantastic. She offers amazing care and patient education. From the moment a patient walks in her office they feel informed and empowered.



Alison an incredible clinician with an extreme knowledge for her specialty – for those that have concerns or feel skeptical about chiropractic work – give Alison a chance to explain what she can do for you and how she can change your life. You’ll be pleasantly surprised!!